Monday, February 29, 2016

Tell everybody that I'm Livin' The Dream!

I'm feel loads better, but it appears that I passed it on to one of the bike elders in our ward so I felt super bad about that.....
the BBQ!!!

We just had a BBQ at one of the other elders apartments with the whole district to celebrate one of the sisters birthdays!!! It was pretty fun, we had a lot of really good food, and had a really good time! I'll send some photos! and after we email me and Elder Haines just plan to go back to the apartment and jam because we got hooked up with a bass! One of the members let him borrow his so we are going to Jam this week and next week we are planning on jammin' with some other elders and maybe recording something who know?!!!!!! I hope so, that would be soooooooo rad!

The craziest thing that i can think of that happened to us this week was we were knocking and at one of the houses, this old guy with huge glasses and spiked up hair kinda like a unicorn answered, and we were like "hey how's it going" and he just slammed the door, it was pretty funny! haha! I love when that happens.......... no ufos........

I haven't sang any fun songs, but like I said, we are planning too!

This is new so I guess watch it, itz pretty good! But for reals Don't let life get in the way of your day of rest! Make it a delight! 

Becca is coming home!! Crazy! I was in the MTC with her, where does the time go? Tell her congrats and tell Devin that I love him and good luck!!

There are a lot of choices in life, but two most basic are Joy or Misery. Which one do you want? True Joy comes from choosing to follow Jesus Christ, and true misery only comes from choosing to follow the adversary! Just a thought.
I luv you guys much!

Elder Allen
Oh another thing, I gave myself a hair cut for the first time! What an adventure! 

I look insane!

I don't like this picture because it looks like I'm balding in the back, but it lies!!!

All done!!


I really can't say much about this picture, other than that kid is awesome! He did what I did when the missionaries came to our house when I was little!

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