Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27, 2015

Elder Loper and Elder Allen
Elder Murphy's Birthday
Elder Allen and Elder Allen
This week has been pretty great! Last p-day we celebrated Elder Murphy's birthday! He is my new zone leader so that's pretty sweet! Then on Tuesday, I went on exchanges with an elder named Loper, he's pretty rad!
We had dinner with one of my favorite members here, named Preston Hardee! We had pizza and watched Elder Hollands talk last conference with one of his friends who isn't a member, named Mark Davis, maybe I've told you about him, anyways that was super fun! Another fun thing that happened this week was on Saturday there was a huge storm that came out of nowhere while we were eating outside with a bunch of Hispanics! That was probably the highlight of the week, because for the next hour all of us were crammed on this table with roof over it! Super fun!

Yesterday we said goodbye to Wallace :( We did get to meet his daughter and his grandson, who are awesome, and very nice! Fun little fact, His grandson is the Pokemon card state champ for his age group! That's pretty sweet! Just an awesome family!! Sad to say goodbye!

 Anyways I love you guys and hope you are having a great day!!!

"The" Elder Raleigh John Allen


Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20

How are you doing this week? 
1. So far I'm doing pretty great this week! Nothing terrible has really happened yet.... I hope I haven't spoken to soon! knock on wood for me!
When are your next transfers?
2. My next transfers will be during the last week of may, I will be "killing" my companion! By that I mean he is going home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!
Did you eat anything interesting this week?
3.I didn't really eat anything out of the blue this week!! 
How is the work going?
4. The work is going good, sadly we will be losing an awesome investigator at the end this week named Wallace!! He is moving with his daughter to Arizona... :(

Is there anything you need?
5. I can't think of anything I will need right now...

This past week was a pretty good one! Although I am getting sick again....... It's not stopping me from working, but it is draining my energy pretty fast! I don't even know what it is, but I just don't feel right, I'm super tired all of the time, and my lymph nodes are swollen, that's the main reason I know I'm sick! Or it could just be the fact the I'm in the deep south and my body is adapting to the way of life down here!! haha!

 I got to talk to Gloria and Elizabeth on Monday! it was pretty great! They expressed their gratitude for me, which made me feel like a million bucks!!! I know I wasn't the one who converted them, it was God, but I still feels good to know that I was the one who found them and taught them!
I want to tell you guys more about Gloria and her family and how much of a miracle it was that we found her!! So Gloria Jaco was living in California before she moved to Georgia and she lived by and was really good friends with members of the church. She always saw missionaries going into her friends houses and always wanted them to visit her, but they never did. Her daughter Elizabeth moved to Georgia, so Gloria went with her and had been living there for a while, when one day as Gloria was picking up her grand kids from the school bus, a couple of young bucks biked up to her and gave her a pamphlet and told her that they would come back and teach her more about it! Pretty incredible right!!! I think it is! 

Anyways love you guys, again no pictures sorry....

Elder Allen   


Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13

My week has been pretty good! I got some pretty awesome news on Wednesday!!! Gloria and her family decided to be baptized!!! They got baptized this last Sunday!! I was super excited to hear that and I wish I could have been there!! Elder Wright promised to send me some pictures!! Gloria, her daughter Elizabeth and Elizabeth's son, Angel were all baptized!!! I didn't find out that they baptized the son as well until Sunday!! I'm still freaking out about it!! Triple generation!!! I'm so happy for them, and I'm super glad I was able to play a part in getting them to where they are now!!!
The work down here is pretty slow since the whole city has pretty much been tracted, we do a lot of service and less active work! 

We are teaching this really awesome guy named Sandy, I might have already told you about him, but he is a really intelligent guy! He believes Joseph Smith was a prophet and that The Book of Mormon is true, but he is trying to get the answer if he should get baptized or not. One of his biggest things he likes about our church is our name, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The reason he likes it is because it shows that we don't just study and think about the Jesus who created this earth or the Jesus who atoned for our sins, but we believe and preach about the same Jesus who is alive today and is still teaching us through a prophet today! He was tell us how cool that was that a lot of people when they think of "Jesus of old", but we teach is "Jesus today"! It's awesome to think about!! That we have a living and loving brother in heaven that still leads and guides his church today!!!

Anyways love you guys a bunch!! sorry not very many pictures the computer I'm on is the worst!! 

Elder Allen


Monday, April 6, 2015


My exchange with Elder Memmot!
Helped a member build a shed/man cave!
My Easter was one of the best I've had!! Don't ask me why, because I don't know....maybe because it wasn't with you guys....cough cough.....haha jk lol!

We watch conference at the church mostly, but one of the sessions we watched it with the Odum family! They are pretty rad!!!

Yes I got you package and your letter today!!! Thanks a bunch!!!

My bishop lives in a grain silo, pretty rad!!! His house looks pretty awesome on the inside too!!!

The teaching is going great, we've kinda hit a bump with some of our investigators... but others are progressing!!!

 General Conference was amazing!! I felt like some of the best talks weren't even giving by the apostles! Of course I love all of the talks, but some of my favorites were given by the general authorities! My personal favorite was by Dale G. Renlund (I think that is how you spell his name) who quoted Nelson Mandela "I am not a saint, unless you consider a saint a sinner who keeps trying." I hope that puts me under the "saint" category......haha!

I also really like all of Deter F. Uchtdorfs talks and of course Jeffery R. Holland's!!! His talks are like the episodes in avatar, they just get better and better.....haha!!!

Anyways I really love you guys and hope you are all doing awesome!!
Elder Allen

you know you live in the country when....

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Starting to Love it Here

So I'm really starting to love it here in Pearson!! The members here are super awesome!! We are getting alot of investigators for them!! I went on exchanges this week! I went up to Douglas and spent some time up there with Elder Memmot!! He is pretty rad!
I'm getting really stoked for General Confrence!! #GenCon!! It is always nice to here the voice of our prophets and also see alittle bit of Utah!! haha!! We are hoping to get alot of our investigators to watch it!!
So some awesome news!! One of the members has a mother who is very interested in the Gospel and wants to join the church!! We will be teaching her tonight at the members house!! Some other great news from my last area is that Gloria and her daughter Elizabeth came to church last Sunday, and brought Elizabeth's kids too!!! They've also agreed to be baptized!!! I'm super happy and excited for them!!!!!! yeah!!!

Anyways I love you all and hope all is well!!

Elder Allen

sorry no pictures I for got my camera!!


Hey Howdy

Hey howdy hey!!! ya not much happened this week, it was a buns week.... But I'm not sick!! just have a bunch of allergies, spring in Georgia is pretty horrible because of pollen!!!!! Ya, but really not much to say, and not really any pictures, kinda was a dumb week! There was a funeral, 400 people showed up, that's pretty much 1/4 of Pearson haha!!! I do love the members here they are really awesome, but the work here is kinda slow! Thats pretty much all she wrote hoping for a better week! #DontStopBelievin'

Anyways I love you guys a bunch and hope you are having a good time!!!

Elder Allen