Thursday, April 2, 2015

Starting to Love it Here

So I'm really starting to love it here in Pearson!! The members here are super awesome!! We are getting alot of investigators for them!! I went on exchanges this week! I went up to Douglas and spent some time up there with Elder Memmot!! He is pretty rad!
I'm getting really stoked for General Confrence!! #GenCon!! It is always nice to here the voice of our prophets and also see alittle bit of Utah!! haha!! We are hoping to get alot of our investigators to watch it!!
So some awesome news!! One of the members has a mother who is very interested in the Gospel and wants to join the church!! We will be teaching her tonight at the members house!! Some other great news from my last area is that Gloria and her daughter Elizabeth came to church last Sunday, and brought Elizabeth's kids too!!! They've also agreed to be baptized!!! I'm super happy and excited for them!!!!!! yeah!!!

Anyways I love you all and hope all is well!!

Elder Allen

sorry no pictures I for got my camera!!


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