Monday, February 29, 2016

Tell everybody that I'm Livin' The Dream!

I'm feel loads better, but it appears that I passed it on to one of the bike elders in our ward so I felt super bad about that.....
the BBQ!!!

We just had a BBQ at one of the other elders apartments with the whole district to celebrate one of the sisters birthdays!!! It was pretty fun, we had a lot of really good food, and had a really good time! I'll send some photos! and after we email me and Elder Haines just plan to go back to the apartment and jam because we got hooked up with a bass! One of the members let him borrow his so we are going to Jam this week and next week we are planning on jammin' with some other elders and maybe recording something who know?!!!!!! I hope so, that would be soooooooo rad!

The craziest thing that i can think of that happened to us this week was we were knocking and at one of the houses, this old guy with huge glasses and spiked up hair kinda like a unicorn answered, and we were like "hey how's it going" and he just slammed the door, it was pretty funny! haha! I love when that happens.......... no ufos........

I haven't sang any fun songs, but like I said, we are planning too!

This is new so I guess watch it, itz pretty good! But for reals Don't let life get in the way of your day of rest! Make it a delight! 

Becca is coming home!! Crazy! I was in the MTC with her, where does the time go? Tell her congrats and tell Devin that I love him and good luck!!

There are a lot of choices in life, but two most basic are Joy or Misery. Which one do you want? True Joy comes from choosing to follow Jesus Christ, and true misery only comes from choosing to follow the adversary! Just a thought.
I luv you guys much!

Elder Allen
Oh another thing, I gave myself a hair cut for the first time! What an adventure! 

I look insane!

I don't like this picture because it looks like I'm balding in the back, but it lies!!!

All done!!


I really can't say much about this picture, other than that kid is awesome! He did what I did when the missionaries came to our house when I was little!

Monday, February 22, 2016

The Flu

A sweet Hispanic family found out that I was sick... That's what I call southern hospitality!!
The smallest foot is mine....

My life for the past week.... #CoughSyrup 

almost all of the spanish elders, I'm kinda looking like a goob in this picture though...haha!

Service down in Augusta!

Elder Cannon and I
So for starters, this email is going to be pretty short.... I caught something called the flu.... I'm recovering right now and feeling pretty great, but you should have seen me last Thursday and Friday, I had quite the time! haha!

In other sad news, Jesudunni dropped us..... :( he told us that he had talked to some people about our church and that it wasn't for him... he was about to give us back the book of mormon, but he held onto it and we told him that if he really wanted to find out the truth he needs to ask God and not trust man, not even us, it is way more important to listen to God!! He said that we could swing back in a month, so there are still some hope!!!

I'm not sure what else to say! I've learned something very important this week though! When you are holding a grudge or resentment towards someone, humble yourself and get over it!!! It will free you from a weight you didn't even realize was there!! It is usually really easy to forgive people, but this week I realized that I needed to forgive someone that I hadn't in almost over a year. It had been eating me away and I got this impression that I need to forgive that person if I wanted to progress spiritually after I read a message in the latest ensign! I literally felt a relief/ weight of my back and the spirit was overwhelming!!

I love you guys much!!

Elder Allen

Monday, February 15, 2016

Living the Dream!!!

Living The Dream!! 

Some Hispanic members fed us a seafood soup last Sunday!! #TheGomezes  

This week was super stressful and super amazing!!! It was stressful because I had to give a training on inviting people to be baptized during Zone Training Meeting, I'm not a huge fan of doing that, but I had to because it is one of my new duties, "I think it's about time I get some new duties!" -Nacho Libre 
I'm really loving my new area! It's been really fun getting to know all the new faces! I would give you my comp's parents names, but they are on a mission in Virginia, so....... 

Right before we ran into Jesudunni!!!
We had an amazing experience this past Monday! We had been tracting for a while, and it was super cold and nobody was answering!! We were about to turn back and go to the car, but we felt like we should knock 3 more houses and so we did, low and behold the last door this guy opens the door and listened to the entire first lesson in the cold, wearing sandles!! His name is Jesudunni, he is from Nigeria, his name literally translates to "Sweet Jesus"! haha! Anyways, at the end of the lesson I felt like I should invite him to baptism, so I did the whole " If you come to find out if these things are true, will you be baptized?" and he was like "yes....." and we stood there kinda shocked... haha! then he was like, "so are you going to give me a Book of Mormon or something?" and we were like " oh yeah, yeah...." haha! That was our little miracle this week! Just goes to show that when we keep pushing when our bodies say go back, blessing will come!!


Tell Matt Congrats!

OH Congrats to all those who are getting married!! It's about time! haha

I love you guys a bunch!!

Elder Allen 


Monday, February 8, 2016

Evans, GA

my new address is
1025 Walden Glen Ln.

Evans, Ga 30809
You might recognize this guys face!!

Indeed I did have dinner with Chase Driggs In-laws! That was crazy looking at their family photo and seeing his face! haha! They are pretty rad! We had taco soup, my favorite!

Car wash this morning!!!
I'm living the dream still! I'm really loving life right now, I have been for the past couple of months! #ThereIsNoPlaceIWouldRatherBe

Elder Haines
My new companions name is Elder Haines, he is super cool! He's even from Riverton, kinda... his parents moved there after he had moved out of the house! He is super into music, so we get along pretty well! haha! He plays the bass in like 3 folk bands and he has showed me some of is stuff, they're pretty legit!!

The upgrade!
Being a ZL isn't too bad! I definitely thought it was going to be worse, but Elder Haines has helped me out a lot! Definitely a huge change of pace though! I say that because I'm serving in a place called Evan Georgia which is in one of the richest counties in Georgia.... so instead of Trailers, I now tract half a million dollar homes.... It's the worst.... rich people.... haha!  I love it here though because there is a huge Hispanic group here, probably the biggest I've seen other than the branch in Ridgeland, so I bore my testimony in Spanish this week and all of the Spanish people wigged out! I felt very welcomed after that! They closed the Spanish area here almost over a year ago so they haven't see to many Spanish missionaries! Maybe that is one of the reasons I was sent here! haha! It was a good way to end a great week!

I love you guys!


Elder Allen


More goodbyes from Warner Robins!! This lady reminds me of Grandma Gay!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Choose to be Happy!

The Soccer Mom!!!

Abandoned Trailer Tracting!!
Any big changes this week....ha that is the biggest understatement of the century!!! I'm getting moved to Augusta Georgia!!! I'm not going to lie, probably one of the hardest places/companions to leave! I was pretty upset!! Then this morning our toilet flooded and everything was just going pretty terribly, but something changed and I went for a run and worked out and thought through things and started thinking of how blessed I really was!! And this overwhelming of Joy came over me!! It was an incredible feeling that I can't explain!! This scripture has been coming to me a lot!!
 15 Blessed art thou, Alma; therefore, lift up thy head and  rejoice, for thou hast great cause to rejoice; for thou hast been faithful in keeping the commandments of God from the time which thou receivest thy first message from him. Behold, I am he that delivered it unto you.

You can choose to be happy!
Anne Grendel!! The coolest old lady on the planet who is going to be baptized on the 20th!!

Goodbye old running shoes!

Yes I got your package! Thanks for the stretchy pants! oh and one of the chicken cans broke so everything smelled like chickens! luckily my stretchy pants absorbed most of the juice!! haha! Yes we are still running a lot!!

It's going to be super hard to leave because I don't think I've ever been happier in my life!! But God has a plan for me I know it, I'm getting moved for a reason! Can't wait to find out!! 

I love you guys a bunch I don't really much else to say! Wish me luck!!

 Elder Allen

Oh and I'm a Zone Leader......


Hair cutzz..... :(