Monday, September 28, 2015

This video still get me every time.....


Tree Tracking


I'm pretty excited that I get to stay here for at least one more transfer!! Luckily transfer calls were this morning because of the general women's conference or what ever, so I just recently found out! I was super nervous that I would leave because almost every Spanish elder was transferred this time around!! Crazy! So I will be here for at least 6 more weeks! Woot!
This week started out pretty good! We went on some exchanges on Tuesday which was pretty sweet! I went with Elder Hyten to do some English work and my comp. stayed in our area, it was pretty fun! But then I woke up the next day with the FLU!!! So I took it easy on Wednesday and Thursday, and we did like a mini exchange, because we had some appointments to go to so elder Hawkins went with Elder Hyten to see ours and the English elder's appointments for that day!

 I'm still living the dream down here in Auburn! We got some pretty great news this week as well! So one Monday we swung by Flora's house, she was asleep, but her husband wasn't! We talked to him for a bit and then he brought up that he and Flora had been talking about marriage and how she can't be baptized if she isn't married, and he said that he knew that it was time for them to get married and that it was the right thing to do!! yeah! Also on Friday we swung by this old guys house named Gary, and we have been teaching him for about 5 weeks now and he is pretty interested, anyways we went over and taught him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and afterward we invited him to be baptized, and he said that he would be if he gets an answer to whether this church is true or not, so we invited him to fast about it!! I think he'll get an answer pretty soon here!! Bunch of miracles!!

Sorry again not very many pictures this time.... but I love you guys a bunch!! #StaySweet

Elder Allen

getting ready for Halloween! haha 

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Auburn 5K

Auburn 5k!


Auburn 5k!

So a short update about Flora, so we found out that she is not married yet, (That is how most Hispanics are, so not a huge surprise) so we had a member come over with us to teach about the law of Chastity/marriage, I thought it went pretty well, we told her to talk to her husband about it, I hope and pray that everything goes well for her in that aspect! She is also working a lot now at a factory, so it is sometimes harder to find her at home, but I think she still can come to church!
My home! #TrailerTractingForDays

We find out about transfers next week.

And yes I'm still loving Auburn, even when they didn't play so well last week to a smaller school and just barely won, (you hear a lot of talk in a college town) and this week I believe they are playing LSU..... good luck.... haha! I hope they win, but we'll see... haha! The work here is pretty sweet, too, we keep finding new people to teach, and things are going pretty swell!!

Auburn 5k!
Josh, the new member!
I don't know what we are going to do today? This morning we ran a 5k that was pretty fun, I haven't done one of those in a long time so I'm pretty tired, but it was fun! #SoManyHills! Also the sisters had a baptism today, that we went to just before this, that was pretty awesome! They baptized a guy named Josh who is just a super legit dude! I'm really excited for him!

Ya I did get my cloths! Thanks I was getting tired of wearing my nasty sweat stained white shirts, and I was in need of some new pants because, I don't know if I told you this yet, but a couple weeks ago I crash on my bike, and ripped up my pants, so perfect timing!! Thanks!



I know that thanks giving is anywhere near, I just like the message of being thankful for every little thing, because I think it is easy to become blind to all of the blessings we receive every minute of every day, and for this past week I've been trying to be more thankful for the things/people/blessings/whatever in my life and it has made me a happier person!

I love you!

Elder Allen

Creepy thing we found tracting in a trailer park!






Saturday, September 12, 2015

Auburn & Training!

Hey there! So a lot of stuff happened this week and I don't have any pictures to show to anyone.... Sorry...

One picture one the way to the library! I forgot to do something this morning, maybe you can guess....haha  
This week went pretty well!! So many blessings, it's incredible!!
One of those being, Flora came to church this past Sunday!!! We had invited her and done a lot of things to get her to come, but when sacrament meeting started she wasn't there.... Then out of no where after the first prayer was said I see 4 little Hispanic kids walking through the doors and man was I on top of the world!! Such a great experience to get some investigators to church! Another blessing was that her daughter, Maria, just turned 8 last week! So we began teacher her this week and they both have a very strong desire to be baptized!! We have to move the date back a couple more weeks, because it is hard to teach them because they are very rarely home, and we still need to teach them all of the commandments, but Flora has said that she would like to be baptized as soon as possible!! Woot!!

 I'm loving Auburn! I really hope I get to stay for at least 1 more transfer! Definitely one of my favorite areas, it's up there with Pooler!! #WarEagles #SweetHomeAlabama

Plans for today, Probably go play soccer, because it has been a long time since I've played that!! And take a lot of pictures to make up for today!

Training is going good, it is getting easier and easier, at first I was super stressed out of my mind! But now I'm pleasant. It has helped me a lot with my Spanish!

Well this week was full of driving places, First we had to drive to Zone Conference which is a hour away in Columbus and we had to be there by 8:00 for car inspections, but because we are the only area in our mission with a different Time Zone we had to wake up at like 5:00 just to get there on time! Then Elder Hawkins and I had to drive to Macon, which is a 3 hour trip from here, to go to a trainer/trainee meeting. Which was way better than I thought it was going to be! I got to see a lot of friends!

That it for now folks, I love you all and hope that is everything is going well!!



Elder Allen





We tracted into the ice-cream man! Definitely not the jolliest of characters... haha!
1. How did I survive the long week without a p-day? That is a good question! haha!

This week has been an awesome one, but also a very difficult one! First off, our car we share with the English elders, got recalled for three days because one of the rear doors wouldn't close, so we were on bikes the whole time and had to bike across our whole area a bunch of times! haha! It was quite the adventure! #SoManyHills!! haha but for reals Auburn has a lot of hills! Then we got dropped by one of our investigators, that was super sad :( she refused to accept a book of Mormon and pray about it, because we were quote "muy joven" or "ya tengo un testimonio de jesucristo que es la biblia, y yo no necicito uno mas" I was pretty upset after that lesson.... The greatest part of this week was that we worked hard, and that Flora told us that she believes that the Book of Mormon is true!! Which it is you know!
2. Yes I did get your letters!

3.I'm livin' the dream!

Congrats to Matthew!!!! YOU JUST MADE ONE OF THE BEST DECISIONS OF YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could've been there! Send me pictures!

What else can I say? I love you guys and hope the best for everyone!!! #HoldToTheRod

Elder Allen


My best friend, Gerber, leaves for Atlanta today for work...... Sad day...