Monday, June 29, 2015


some buds..
1. My week was pretty plain nothing to out of the blue... sadly, but it was a good one non the less!

From today!
In the Lighthouse
2.We went to the beach today!!! Well kinda, we stood on the out side of the beach because we can't really step on the sand, but we did go up this really sweet lighthouse next the beach! I is a lot like the one in Savannah, That was pretty stellar!

3. For the 4th of July we will be listening in on the transfer calls to see if anyone is going to be moved! That's super exciting and scary at the same time! It is super nuts that I've already been here for 6 weeks, time is moving so much faster now, compared to when I was in Pearson! CRAZY! Oh some sad news, all of my companions are going home next week...... my only companion that won't be home by next week will be my current one.... saddness.... Give a shout out to those companions who will be leaving next week! Elder Wright and Elder Webb!

4. My Spanish is coming it could still use a lot of work though!!!! I'm getting there!

5. My investigators are doing pretty good! I don't know if I've told you this but we had a member refer us to some Hispanics that just moved in next to him and they are awesome! They are super couriouse about the church and what we believe! Pray for them!

6. Nothing to out of the ordinary...
My companion say that he love you too Eliza! haha
Anyways I love you guys and as a wise poet once said

"No one eats me up.  Snakes eat me up.  And no one says snakes are real.  People are real. Snakes are real."

just keep that in your minds and in you hearts!

Love you!

Elder Allen






Monday, June 22, 2015

Father's Day

The tracting life....

It's your boy Elder Allen! I'm doing pretty great and stuff! My Fathers Day was pretty great! It didn't really differ from any other day of the week other than the fact that it was Sunday and we went to church and stuff! I would like to give a huge shout out to both of my fathers (that sounds a little weird) and the fatherly figures en mi vida! Like my Awesome Grandpas and my stellar Uncles! Don't forget all of my friends fathers and my young mens leaders! Oh and also Marcus Mumford...... haha!! These are all men who've impacted my life! Thanks to them I'm the person I am today! I guess with the exception of Marcus Mumford he's just a chill guy! haha

Zone Conference was in the Pooler Building so that was a blast from the past! I even got to see some of the members from Pooler, pretty rad! So these are just some pictures from it!

Oh another story, in Beaufort there is a Marine training base called Paris Island and we get to go to the Sunday meetings there before we head down to Ridgeland for the Spanish Branch meetings! It is super cool, but I don't think I could ever be a Marine because of the training they have to go through for 13 weeks! It's insane! Anyways They have this huge graduation thing at the end of the 13 weeks and because some members were graduating we got to go see it!! it is one of the coolest things I've seen! Very emotional for the the new Marines and their families. Anyways, there was a member in Pearson that was pretty sweet, but he left to become a Marine like the 2nd or 3rd week I was there, but I got to see him graduate this last Friday! Super rad experience, he grew a lot during his training not only physically, but spiritually, the training there really humbles you! haha! It was also super cool because I got to see say goodbye to him and his family who I wasn't able to say goodbye to when I was leaving Pearson! 


It wasn't really that hot, but you get the picture! haha it's sweltering down here!!

Yes it is true we live in two apartments, one in Ridgeland and one in Beaufort, but the one in Beaufort is the main place we stay. The Ridgeland one is a yes I lucked out again and still live in a house for half the week! haha! someday my luck with houses will run out! haha!
Anyways I love you guys a bunch! Stay Sweet! #AllYouNeedIsLove

Elder Raleigh Allen
One more fishing photo! haha!

Corn Field

They stole my camera

Monday, June 15, 2015

The Fish and Stingray

The fish....


The Stingray!!! Don't worry we set it free!! haha

1. My week went pretty well, nothing really to complain about!

2.Fun story...... Nothing really out of the ordinary happened last week... We did go fishing this morning in the river and caught one fish.... and two stingrays!!!! That was pretty sweet, we just had to be careful of the barb!

From this morning!

3.Answers to prays- I'm starting to feel a lot better and we put Arturo, the guy I was talking about last week, on date!!

4.Like I said I'm starting to feel a lot better!

5.I wish that I had some really crazy stories, but this week was just a good week, nothing out of the ordinary

6.Yes we live with another set of elders up in Beaufort, they are pretty sweet! Their names are Elder Saurey and Elder Duran. It is a pretty small apartment, but I guess I can't complain considering I've been living in houses my whole mission! haha

7. My neighbors in Beaufort seem pretty nice, but the ones down in Ridgeland are another story.... cough cough.... that is all I will say about them.... 

From this morning!
8.I did get the three things you sent me last week thanks a bunch!!! How are things looking for the Warriors right now?

9. The weather is the worst part of being down here!! haha!! It is so hot and humid, I can just be outside for like a minute and I will already have sweat pouring out! I am getting a pretty nice tan though!! haha

Anyways I love you guys a bunch!!!! Stay Sweet!

Elder Allen

Oh guess something fun this week was ZTM because I got to see some old faces like this guy, old Santy Clause!! AKA elder Ferrerah, he was in my MTC district!!


Monday, June 8, 2015

Into the Woods

album cover or something great!!!

Into the Woods...

So I have some pretty cool stories from this week!
The other elders in Beaufort
1. Not this past Sunday, but the one before that one, we ran into a man and his wife in church, we had never seen them before, the lady just started talking to us about how here sons were baptized, and then she pulled out some pictures of here sons baptism, and we talk for a while and she said to go by her house some time that week and then they left, they live kinda far away and we are always kinda tight with miles because we have to drive from beaufort to ridgeland like twice a week, so drove down there hoping they were home, but when we got there it looked like no one was home, but we decided to knock anyways, and guess what, she was home!!! and she treated us to some Ice Cream and she told us her life story and she has had it rough like really rough that is all I'm going to say, but it turns out that she is a Mormon, but her husband is not, and while we were there he pulled up and we taught him the restoration and he really liked it! they came to church this last Sunday and I had the lesson in Priests quorum and with ALOT of help from elder Godinez and the members I taught the plan of salvation to him and he really liked that too, we are going to see them this week and hopefully put him on date to be baptized!!!

2. As most of you know last Sunday was fast Sunday. So of course Elder Godinez and I were pretty hungry, exhausted, not to mention we've been kinda sick! We went out anyways because we needed like 10 more other lessons to reach one of our goals this week. That is a pretty hard task down in the south! It took us a day of tracting, (not the funnest thing to do) and some praying, but we did it!!! By the end we felt completely wiped out, but accomplished!! yeah!

Anyways me and my companion are doing getting along pretty good! We are working hard and having a good time! I love you guys!!

Elder Allen    




Monday, June 1, 2015

Black Belt Parking

1. So far my new area is pretty sweet!!! We cover two cities, Beaufort and Ridgeland, which is pretty sweet! So we go to Ridgeland for almost half the week! This also means we have to go to two sacrament meetings, can't ever get enough of that sacrament though!

My new comp. Elder Godinez!
2. My companion is pretty rad! His name is Elder Godinez, and he is a legit Guatemalan! I think he might get annoyed of me a lot because I'm always asking him how to say things...

3. I haven't met to many people here yet, but we do go to church on the military base up in Beaufort and we have a Spanish Branch down in Ridgeland which is actually really nice to have!

4.We have a lot of pretty sweet investigators right now and we found a lot this past week! We are working pretty hard! It feels great!

It feels like I'm being trained again!! My last area we did very little Spanish work and now I'm with a native speaker (he is also very good at English that helps alot!) in an area where we mostly do Spanish work!!!! It is kinda stressful, but I'm liking the fact that I can see my Spanish progressing again! Hopefully by the time I'm done being companions with him I'll be fluent! I have to give a lesson this Sunday on the priesthood! Only in Spanish.... Wish me luck!!!! Don't get me wrong I'm really missing some people in Pearson, but this place has so much more people to teach!!!

I forgot to say that our zone met on Saturday in Savannah, so I got to relive some memories!!
Fun story that happened to me on my second day here! So When I got here the Elders who I live with told me a story about someone they the "Cane Guy"! He is a crazy old man with a can and handle bar mustache that they met while at wal-mart! They were just buying some groceries when all of the sudden he came up and ask them if they were Mormon, they said yes and he just went off on how they were sons of hell and he started waving his cane around. They tried to leave, but he kept fallowing them out to the car! Then he got in his creeper van and started waving his cane out the window at them! A few weeks later they run into his again at Wal-Mart and he does the same thing! When I heard that story I wanted to meet this guy! So I got my wish the next day while me and my companion, Elder Godinez, where helping a member at the DMV. We were helping translate for the member when my companion nudged me and told me that the cane guy was right behind me! After we finished helping her we told her that we had to go because we didn't want to make a scene, and as we started to leave the cane guy stood up and started hobbling after us! We started walking faster and got in our car and backed up to try to get away, but he started tapping on the window so I rolled it down, and he just gave me a card and told me to read it and find out the truth. Then later that day me and Elder Godinez went to Wal-mart because I forgot my towel in my last area and I was joking around saying that we were going to see the cane guy at Wal-mart, and right as we were leaving, we saw his van coming our way!! So we sped walked to our car and he fallowed us and then drove off once we got in our car, but when we started driving away, he some how ended up behind us and started fallowing us in our car down any street we would turn down so I got a little tired of that and sped up, and finally lost him, but man he was nuts!! haha!!

anyways I love you guys a bunch!!!

Elder Allen

Hispanics like shoving your face into cake.... haha!!