Monday, June 8, 2015

Into the Woods

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Into the Woods...

So I have some pretty cool stories from this week!
The other elders in Beaufort
1. Not this past Sunday, but the one before that one, we ran into a man and his wife in church, we had never seen them before, the lady just started talking to us about how here sons were baptized, and then she pulled out some pictures of here sons baptism, and we talk for a while and she said to go by her house some time that week and then they left, they live kinda far away and we are always kinda tight with miles because we have to drive from beaufort to ridgeland like twice a week, so drove down there hoping they were home, but when we got there it looked like no one was home, but we decided to knock anyways, and guess what, she was home!!! and she treated us to some Ice Cream and she told us her life story and she has had it rough like really rough that is all I'm going to say, but it turns out that she is a Mormon, but her husband is not, and while we were there he pulled up and we taught him the restoration and he really liked it! they came to church this last Sunday and I had the lesson in Priests quorum and with ALOT of help from elder Godinez and the members I taught the plan of salvation to him and he really liked that too, we are going to see them this week and hopefully put him on date to be baptized!!!

2. As most of you know last Sunday was fast Sunday. So of course Elder Godinez and I were pretty hungry, exhausted, not to mention we've been kinda sick! We went out anyways because we needed like 10 more other lessons to reach one of our goals this week. That is a pretty hard task down in the south! It took us a day of tracting, (not the funnest thing to do) and some praying, but we did it!!! By the end we felt completely wiped out, but accomplished!! yeah!

Anyways me and my companion are doing getting along pretty good! We are working hard and having a good time! I love you guys!!

Elder Allen    




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