Monday, June 15, 2015

The Fish and Stingray

The fish....


The Stingray!!! Don't worry we set it free!! haha

1. My week went pretty well, nothing really to complain about!

2.Fun story...... Nothing really out of the ordinary happened last week... We did go fishing this morning in the river and caught one fish.... and two stingrays!!!! That was pretty sweet, we just had to be careful of the barb!

From this morning!

3.Answers to prays- I'm starting to feel a lot better and we put Arturo, the guy I was talking about last week, on date!!

4.Like I said I'm starting to feel a lot better!

5.I wish that I had some really crazy stories, but this week was just a good week, nothing out of the ordinary

6.Yes we live with another set of elders up in Beaufort, they are pretty sweet! Their names are Elder Saurey and Elder Duran. It is a pretty small apartment, but I guess I can't complain considering I've been living in houses my whole mission! haha

7. My neighbors in Beaufort seem pretty nice, but the ones down in Ridgeland are another story.... cough cough.... that is all I will say about them.... 

From this morning!
8.I did get the three things you sent me last week thanks a bunch!!! How are things looking for the Warriors right now?

9. The weather is the worst part of being down here!! haha!! It is so hot and humid, I can just be outside for like a minute and I will already have sweat pouring out! I am getting a pretty nice tan though!! haha

Anyways I love you guys a bunch!!!! Stay Sweet!

Elder Allen

Oh guess something fun this week was ZTM because I got to see some old faces like this guy, old Santy Clause!! AKA elder Ferrerah, he was in my MTC district!!


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