Monday, April 25, 2016


More in the dog house.... 
I made it a goal to take more pictures this week so I did!
We found a dog house in her back yard....
We also served this investigator of the other elders! #SheFedUs

Elder Gillins took us out to eat because his gramps sent him $100 to take us out to eat, it was so good! 


Paint the fence #CallMeKarateKid

My awkward selfie for the week...

The tracting life!

This past week was amazing!!!!!! So many miracles!! 
Tracting Finds

On Tuesday We went on exchanges with the APs and at first the day was pretty lame, a bunch of tracting and little success, I felt kinda bad for the other elder... but as the day went on we saw one miracle after the other! First we had this appointment with this guy named Jeff Smith who is married to this member, and the first time I met him he seemed very uninterested, but after a couple things went down in the family instead of getting bitter he wanted to get better, so he turned to God and prayed! His answer was "Talk to the missionaries"!!! He has really been humbled which lead him to be ready for the lessons again, he had been taught before like 3 years ago and now he is ready!! Super solid guy!
The same day we went out with a priest named Chace LaFrance and had a stellar lesson with this sweet family called the Murrays! What makes them even cooler is their names are Hercules and Sunny #Legit! Elder Duran had found them the week before on exchanges so I had never met them and neither did the other guys, so we didn't know what to expect... We taught the Plan of Salvation to them because they had two young children, and the lesson went amazing! We have an appointment with them this Friday! Pray for our success please!! 


After Painting #LunchTime
Also on the same day we went and visited Eddy, the Less-Active we've been working with, I think I've told you about her. We read 2 Nephi 31 and she loved it! She also expressed her desire to come back to church, she hasn't been in years and years! I'm super stoked for her! We painted her fence with that Chace LaFrance kid on Saturday! She also fed us empanadas!! They were amazing! The weather is soooo nice right now, but we hear that it's going to be in the 90s next week #I'mGoingToDie....


Transfers are coming up, I have no idea if I'm leaving or staying.... I told President that I would like to go back to Spanish before I go home, so I will leave ether this or next transfer I'm not sure... I really want to stay, I love it here, but I do love me some Hispanics!! 


What else... It was just a great week!


I love you guys!!


Elder Allen




Monday, April 18, 2016

My tree frog!
Another pretty great week over here in Evan Georgia!! Me and elder Duran have been working on trying to get new investigators, so we've been tracting a bunch.... It's the life! One cool experience we had was as we were tracting we saw this super old lady trying to dig up some shrubs in her garden so we decided to go over and ask if we could help and she said yes!! People usually just tell us to get lost... Jk people are pretty nice, but don't really want help from guys in white shirts. Anyways we helped her dig up her plants and then pretty much helped her with the rest of her garden, it was super fun, we got our church cloths all messy, but it was totally worth it! She wasn't interested in our message, but she did REALLY appreciate what we did for her because there was no way she could have done it by herself! haha she probably saw us in the neighborhood so she came out and acted like she was going to do some gardening because she knew we would offer to help! haha!

Me and Elder Murphy
Other than that we've been finding a lot of new people that have a lot of potential!! We are super excited for the future!
Some older picture I finally got from elder Garcia! haha!

I don't know if you guys have checked out if you have great! But if you haven't definitely get on! It's an awesome way to find service opportunities in the area! I'm not sure how many are in Riverton, or even in the Salt Lake area, but it's pumpin' over here in Augusta!! Check it out!! Do some service!! It's fun!


I love you guys!


not much pictures this week sorry!












Monday, April 11, 2016


Now this picture is perfect!
Squad Pic!

Zone Picz!


The Fantastic Four!
Our week was pretty fantastic! The traffic was pretty crazy up here because of the Masters, and a lot of people weren't home because they were renting out their houses, or they just wanted to get away from the craziness! The Masters is a pretty big deal or something... haha! All of the kids get school of that whole week for spring break just so they can work in the Masters! There is a member in our ward that the head over the restaurants in the Masters or something like that, so every day they've given us these AMAZING leftover pastries and bagels! We probably ate like $200 worth of food... Rich people... I've never known first world problems until this area when somebody was freaking out because their 2nd cloth washer wasn't working... they had two cloth washers...

We tracted like pack-mules this past week! But we met a lot of cool people! One time it was almost dinner time so we were heading back to the car and elder Duran thought that we should tract two more houses, so we did and the first one was some awesome peeps from Trinidad and Tobago and then the last door we knocked and this lady answered who didn't speak the best English, anyways we started teaching her and she said "Slow down I'm from the Dominican Republic" so I was like "hablas Espanol?" She totally did! Oh yeah! I was pretty stoked when we found her and she said we could come back so hopefully all works out well!


Anyways I love you guys a bunch!!


Elder Allen


Monday, April 4, 2016

Conference Weekend April 2016

We did a lot of service this week!

and more service 

Oh and I got Jinny back!!!!

The District!!

So conference was awesome! I'm just loving Elder Renlund more and more every time he gives a talk! #ILikedHimBeforeHeWasAnApostle

An old picture...
The closer to God we are, the happier we will be, the more blessings we will recognize, and a greater willingness to serve others! I also really liked the part where he said that Jesus did this just for you! And that no matter how far we stray from the path Jesus is always near by! He has become one of my new favorites!

This past week was pretty slow, but it picked up a bunch during the weekend! Plus Sunday night we got an awesome message from our bishop! It said that there is this 10 year old girl who want to be baptized so we are going to start teaching her! Pretty stoked! Teaching another child! haha!

Just because I don't have a bunch of time and I can't think of to much to say, I'll share another one of my favorite talks!!!!!!

we're just missing Elder Godinez!

God has the ability to create new life from burnt ashes! #LikeThePheonix

I love you guys!!

Elder Allen



Me and the crazy boy Alan!!