Monday, April 11, 2016


Now this picture is perfect!
Squad Pic!

Zone Picz!


The Fantastic Four!
Our week was pretty fantastic! The traffic was pretty crazy up here because of the Masters, and a lot of people weren't home because they were renting out their houses, or they just wanted to get away from the craziness! The Masters is a pretty big deal or something... haha! All of the kids get school of that whole week for spring break just so they can work in the Masters! There is a member in our ward that the head over the restaurants in the Masters or something like that, so every day they've given us these AMAZING leftover pastries and bagels! We probably ate like $200 worth of food... Rich people... I've never known first world problems until this area when somebody was freaking out because their 2nd cloth washer wasn't working... they had two cloth washers...

We tracted like pack-mules this past week! But we met a lot of cool people! One time it was almost dinner time so we were heading back to the car and elder Duran thought that we should tract two more houses, so we did and the first one was some awesome peeps from Trinidad and Tobago and then the last door we knocked and this lady answered who didn't speak the best English, anyways we started teaching her and she said "Slow down I'm from the Dominican Republic" so I was like "hablas Espanol?" She totally did! Oh yeah! I was pretty stoked when we found her and she said we could come back so hopefully all works out well!


Anyways I love you guys a bunch!!


Elder Allen


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