Tuesday, May 31, 2016

We went to this super sweet army museum! It was actually super cool!

Just some peeps I met while I was there....

I got to live my dream and play the didgeridoo for the first time while helping some people move!!!!

you asked about the temperature.....
and more...
.... it's not even officially summer yet..... plus the humidity...... 

This past week was super good! I did learn a lot about how I can improve myself though! haha always humbling experiences! I'm always learning something new! That is why I'm so glad that a mission is two year because I have definitively learned more in my second year than in my first! Which I didn't think was possible a year ago...... haha! I know I say this a lot, but I'm living the dream!!! By the way that isn't my motto, I stole it from elder Webb... Anyways, elder Marshall and I have been seeing a lot of success and miracles! It's amazing! 
We recently have come into contact with one of the former investigators here named Celia. We've only had two lessons with her, but both have been amazing! Yesterday we went over and realized that we hadn't really made a lesson plan, we just knew that we were going to read the Book of Mormon. So before we got out of our air conditioned car (one of the many blessings I'm talking about) we said a prayer for help on what we should read so we were talking about what chapters we could read with her and one of us said, 3 Nephi 11 and we both knew that was the right one! The lesson went super well and the chapter definitively helped her with her testimony of the Book of Mormon!  
P-day selfie!
BJ is still doing awesome! We taught him to follow the prophet last time, it went well! We also told him about our goal we had for him, which is for him to baptize his son after he is baptized himself and gets the priesthood because his son turns 8 here in a couple of weeks. He really liked that idea! We have a lesson with him to day we hope goes well..... it's the Law of Chastity..... wish us luck you never know what can happen with this lesson haha!
Oh and Nelson came to church last Sunday!!! I don't know if I've told you this, but I had to give a talk and sing.... both went way better than I thought they would! Probably the longest talk I've ever giving, I'm getting myself ready for the one I have to give once I come home.......... #ProbsLikeA45MinuteTalk.......
Our average Monday nights! haha 
Anyways I love you guys a bunch!!
elder Allen

Monday, May 23, 2016

Rad Kats Columbus

More of that Tracting Life...



Macon Trip!
This past week was full of meetings, but we still had a fantastic time! We had Zone conference this Wednesday and had to drive up to Macon and at the zone conference we had these "Black Boxes" installed in our cars that pretty much tell us slow down if we are speeding, it also tells us if we put our set belts on.... it's a spy.... haha jk it's really not bad at all because we are pretty good drivers, we call him Edwin, and yes it actually speaks...haha! 


My health good! We are eating pretty good down here. Members don't feed us as much as in Evan, but we are pretty good at making our own food................................................................

This is what I mean by "we are pretty good at making our own food..............................................." #NachoSupreme.....

We actually do make some pretty good food we just got lazy and made nachos one night....
This is what I mean by "we eat pretty well" haha!

Me and my comp. are definitively have a fantastic time, we are see so many blessings and miracles down here it's honestly hard sometime to remember to thank God for all of them because there are so many!!! I need to work on that!

What do I love about Columbus? Well the work here is amazing! I have a giant district full of rad kats! There are a whole lot of Hispanics probably the most I've seen in any area of mine! There is this Mexican buffet that is owned by members and we eat there for free every Monday!! We are currently working with some amazing people! I have had and seen so many blessings and miracle here! There is a a lot of other stuff as well, but I can't think anything specific as of right now...

Waiting for BJ to get to church

We met with BJ again twice this week and had great lessons on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and focused on repentance, and then on Saturday we taught him the Word of Wisdom, we were kinda nervous at first because he had said that he drank here and there, but as we taught the lesson he totally accepted it!! He was more worried about whether Kool-aid and Soda was apart of the Word of Wisdom than having to give up alcohol haha! He is just a straight up good guy who just wants to put away past demons and become a better person and good example to his son!


Today we are hopefully going to play some ultimate frisbee! I'm stoked!!


Love y'all a bunch!!


Elder Allen

Pre-lesson Selfie....




Monday, May 16, 2016

#ElderHaines #ElderCasper
Exchanges with the Caspinator! Just like old times!!
We are the best cooks around!
More tracting!!


We both have Hawaiian shirts...

Hey! I'm living the dream! I'm loving Columbus! I love hispanics! This week was pretty awesome!!! We saw a lot of miracles! A little stress on Sunday, but nothing really huge... A member got sick so she told us that we had to teach the lesson on Sunday morning, just like last week! But it really wasn't bad at all, we just asked questions and the Hispanic ladies just went off with whatever we said, they can talk forever... They got off topic a couple times, but we kept them in check! haha!


I also went on exchanges with my boy Elder Casper! If you don't remember who that is, we lived together for SIX MONTHS at the begging of our missions! I love the guy a bunch, so it's nice to be in his district again!! Lets just say that it was a pretty fun exchange! haha! Much nostalgia!
The Missionaries in the Rivercrest Ward!!
One more for Nostalgia's sake!!

Elder Marshall and I had many incredible lessons this week full of the spirit! The first one was with this guy named Chris and his wife Jessica, we brought a member out with us and the clicked pretty fast, because the member used to struggle with similar things that Chris is trying to over come! Just a great family! Then we brought another member to this appointment with this Hispanic Guy named Nelson, he is an awesome guy who just lives with his like 4 year old daughter who reminds me of Eliza when she was 4! Anyways he struggles with a couple things about any church, and we were kinda nervous to bring this member because she is super blunt, but her bluntness is exactly what he needed to hear!! Then we taught this lady named Reina who is a pretty new investigator, we taught her the restoration and it was a super powerful lesson, the spirit was very much present, I hope she could feel it too!! Finally we've been working with this referral we got a while back his name is BJ and we taught him a super solid Plan of Salvation lesson, he is pretty awesome! He's not even a member and he already wants to help other people come to this church because he has already seen the blessings in his life from talking with us and trying to be better! Just a solid week!!! 


We were invited to this fiesta by some members and Nelson was there and so were a some less-actives that we are working with! If you want to meet with a Hispanic just say the word fiesta and they'll be there!! haha!


Anyways I love you guys!!
One more from the fiesta! #CreepyHispanicClownDoingTheTannerPeaceSign


Elder Allen




Yet another Fiesta!

Monday, May 9, 2016


New Address

3700 Buena Vista Rd.  Apt. 143
Columbus, GA 31906
I'm Finally Home!!!
First off, I'm super happy to get back into Spanish work! I honestly have missed it a bunch! When I got here it was like a peace of my soul was finally put back to where it belongs... haha! But for realz I missed the food, the trailer parks, the borrachos on Saturday nights, the hospitality, the culture in general, and just speaking Spanish. It took me a little bit, but I'm pretty much back to what I was before, I've lost some of the vocab, but other than that It's all good! Plus I had to give a talk in Spanish at the last second this Sunday! It went pretty well though! We also had this super fun Fiesta that was put on by the missionaries and the Spanish group here! It was a huge success, a bunch of people came, plus we had to do this dance called la baile de los viajitos! I hope i spelled that right... anyways that's why we had to where those creepy costumes! haha
Just a thank you to all the Mother figures in my life! That includes all of my Aunts, Grandmothers, and the mothers of my friends, but most importantly my mama! Thank you for rearing me like a good mama should...haha I love you!!
On a different note, I really am living the dream! I really "meant what I said, and said what I meant"-(Horton the elephant) yesterday, that I don't think I've ever been happier in my entire life. I have seen a lot of trials during the course of my mission, just like any missionary, but I have seen so many miracles that it makes the struggle worth every step! Just in this last week, a lot of stuff was thrown at elder Marshall and I, but we also saw so many miracles as we pressed forward! I love it! I love you guys!
Elder Allen  
Pinata Mosh Pit.... things got a little loco..
Elder Marshall and I
Pre-Fiesta Fiesta!

Saying goodbyes...
The Meggins!


My boy elder Gillins 

Braydon Jacobson, he got me and elder Gillins the hats as a going away gift!

The Lawrys! This was my mom for 3 months of my life! 

Goodbye Eddy....

Again Elder Marshall and I...
Elder Cannon, Elder Mortinson, and I

Saturday, May 7, 2016





Mission Meeting!

Crazy service project that turned into us having to put out a fire!! 







Awkward Selfie! 


Tracting life!!


So I'm leaving Evans.... Tears.... and I'm 99% sure that I'm going to Columbus Georgia! Not only that, but I'm going back to Spanish!!!! AAAWWWWW YEAH! I'm pretty bummed that I'm leaving because, like always, I'm going to miss everybody here! But from what I hear my new companion is going to be pretty sweet! Wish me the best! Plus it's only like 1 hour from Auburn so you better believe I'm going to try to go back up during a P-day!!!

Our week went pretty sweet! We had another lesson with Jeff and we taught the Plan of Salvation and it went pretty stellar! The lesson with Hercules and Sunny went fantastic! We taught them the Restoration and they just have this super awesome desire to learn more! I'm excited to hear what happens to them! 

I'm sorry I don't have a bunch to say, but I'm super excited to see y'all this Sunday! The only problem is that I won't know what time to tell you guys yet... I'll get it to you some how!

Love you guys a bunch!!


Elder Allen

Elder Cannon and I




tracting find!

We went to a trampoline place where missionaries get in free!!!!
I finally learned how to do a back flip!

We've been playing ultimate Frisbee every Saturday with people on the military base, it has been a great proselyting tool!