Monday, May 16, 2016

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Exchanges with the Caspinator! Just like old times!!
We are the best cooks around!
More tracting!!


We both have Hawaiian shirts...

Hey! I'm living the dream! I'm loving Columbus! I love hispanics! This week was pretty awesome!!! We saw a lot of miracles! A little stress on Sunday, but nothing really huge... A member got sick so she told us that we had to teach the lesson on Sunday morning, just like last week! But it really wasn't bad at all, we just asked questions and the Hispanic ladies just went off with whatever we said, they can talk forever... They got off topic a couple times, but we kept them in check! haha!


I also went on exchanges with my boy Elder Casper! If you don't remember who that is, we lived together for SIX MONTHS at the begging of our missions! I love the guy a bunch, so it's nice to be in his district again!! Lets just say that it was a pretty fun exchange! haha! Much nostalgia!
The Missionaries in the Rivercrest Ward!!
One more for Nostalgia's sake!!

Elder Marshall and I had many incredible lessons this week full of the spirit! The first one was with this guy named Chris and his wife Jessica, we brought a member out with us and the clicked pretty fast, because the member used to struggle with similar things that Chris is trying to over come! Just a great family! Then we brought another member to this appointment with this Hispanic Guy named Nelson, he is an awesome guy who just lives with his like 4 year old daughter who reminds me of Eliza when she was 4! Anyways he struggles with a couple things about any church, and we were kinda nervous to bring this member because she is super blunt, but her bluntness is exactly what he needed to hear!! Then we taught this lady named Reina who is a pretty new investigator, we taught her the restoration and it was a super powerful lesson, the spirit was very much present, I hope she could feel it too!! Finally we've been working with this referral we got a while back his name is BJ and we taught him a super solid Plan of Salvation lesson, he is pretty awesome! He's not even a member and he already wants to help other people come to this church because he has already seen the blessings in his life from talking with us and trying to be better! Just a solid week!!! 


We were invited to this fiesta by some members and Nelson was there and so were a some less-actives that we are working with! If you want to meet with a Hispanic just say the word fiesta and they'll be there!! haha!


Anyways I love you guys!!
One more from the fiesta! #CreepyHispanicClownDoingTheTannerPeaceSign


Elder Allen




Yet another Fiesta!

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