Monday, May 9, 2016


New Address

3700 Buena Vista Rd.  Apt. 143
Columbus, GA 31906
I'm Finally Home!!!
First off, I'm super happy to get back into Spanish work! I honestly have missed it a bunch! When I got here it was like a peace of my soul was finally put back to where it belongs... haha! But for realz I missed the food, the trailer parks, the borrachos on Saturday nights, the hospitality, the culture in general, and just speaking Spanish. It took me a little bit, but I'm pretty much back to what I was before, I've lost some of the vocab, but other than that It's all good! Plus I had to give a talk in Spanish at the last second this Sunday! It went pretty well though! We also had this super fun Fiesta that was put on by the missionaries and the Spanish group here! It was a huge success, a bunch of people came, plus we had to do this dance called la baile de los viajitos! I hope i spelled that right... anyways that's why we had to where those creepy costumes! haha
Just a thank you to all the Mother figures in my life! That includes all of my Aunts, Grandmothers, and the mothers of my friends, but most importantly my mama! Thank you for rearing me like a good mama should...haha I love you!!
On a different note, I really am living the dream! I really "meant what I said, and said what I meant"-(Horton the elephant) yesterday, that I don't think I've ever been happier in my entire life. I have seen a lot of trials during the course of my mission, just like any missionary, but I have seen so many miracles that it makes the struggle worth every step! Just in this last week, a lot of stuff was thrown at elder Marshall and I, but we also saw so many miracles as we pressed forward! I love it! I love you guys!
Elder Allen  
Pinata Mosh Pit.... things got a little loco..
Elder Marshall and I
Pre-Fiesta Fiesta!

Saying goodbyes...
The Meggins!


My boy elder Gillins 

Braydon Jacobson, he got me and elder Gillins the hats as a going away gift!

The Lawrys! This was my mom for 3 months of my life! 

Goodbye Eddy....

Again Elder Marshall and I...
Elder Cannon, Elder Mortinson, and I

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