Monday, July 27, 2015

State Park and Habanero

I went to a members house and ate a habanero and a jalapeno in exchange for some icecream....worth it!  
you can see the tears coming down my face...

All the kids...

Hey Hey Hey!!!

Elder Rollins pushing me into the lake so that it wasn't "my fault" that I went swimming! haha just kidding!!
This week went pretty well! It began really fun and the middle of the week kinda dragged on, but then Saturday and Sunday really picked up the pace!!! For our last P-day we went to this way sick state park!!! It was super beautiful and had some pretty sweet places to hike around, including a river were we had to jump from rock to rock to get down super fun!! There was a water fall and everything! The hardest thing was holding back from jumping in the lake haha! The best part of the week was this last Sunday! We had run into this lady named Flora earlier last week, she has like 5 kids ranging from new born to 7 years old, so all of them are super young! Maybe I've already told you about her, anyways we swung by her house on Saturday and she had just gotten home and we asked her if she was doing anything tomorrow, and she said no, so we invited her to church and she looked at her oldest daughter and ask her if she wanted to go, and she said "SI!!!!!!!" so they all came to church, and they really liked it! So hopefully they will keep coming! Here kids all behaved very well too!


Life in Auburn is pretty sweet! This place could become one of my favorite areas hopefully! There are a lot of sweet members here who are willing to help in anyway!!! There are also a lot of Spanish speaking members who aren't Hispanic, but can speak Spanish because they served a mission speaking Spanish, so that is pretty sweet! We have a lot of young families here for the schooling! Anyways I'm doing good overall!! 


Love you guys!!!


That state park though!! 

Monday, July 20, 2015


We love us some referrals!! haha! 

We get free Auburn shirts!!! mirror selfie..................

Just a little bit of Auburn!

My week went pretty well! On Tuesday we went on exchanges and I went with Elder Rollins to teach his investigators! It was one of the best exchanges ever!! We went tracting and it seemed like almost everybody answered their doors and listened! Super legit! Later that night we took out a member named Wiltavius Wilson, he was awesome! We also went tracting with him and ran into a super nice Atheist named Matthew. We didn't bash or anything we just bore our testimonies and our beliefs and he did the same! It is always cool to see different points of view! 

 My Companion!
We met some pretty sweet new faces this week! One of them was a less active family that live kinda far away and we didn't even know they were there, a member named Nick Beasley took us there, because his home teaching companion couldn't come. So we went and met them, and they were pretty stellar! They fed us ice cream and they said that they would come to church next week! I hope so!! We also ran into this lady and here friend while we were trying to find somebody else! We told them about our church and they got pretty excited about the fact that there are classes for the kids! They had a lot... haha!!

Those are just some of the sweet things that happened this week! I'm really liking it here!! I love you guys mucho!! haha!

Elder Allen

Berret and Gerber!!! Gerber is a recent convert and Berret is the son of some members named the Spencers they are legit!!


Goodbye elder Godinez!
got to say hi to elder Casper during transfers! 
Que Pasa! Hey it's your boy Elder Allen! To answer some of your questions I'll start off by saying that Alabama is pretty sweet! I went from the one side of the mission to the other haha!

You have to be an Auburn fan here! You could get murdered if you aren't! haha! So yes I'm an Auburn fan! GO WAR EAGLES!!! They are the Tigers too, but there is a long story about how they got the name war eagle, you should look it up some time, I would tell you, but I'm not entirely sure why! haha
 My new companions name is elder Rivera. Yup another native speaker! He was originally called as an English speaker, but like I think I said before, we don't have very man Spanish Elders, but we will be getting 5 more this next transfer so I might train!!! So that's pretty exciting!!!

We don't get to work on campus unless there was someone who spoke Spanish on campus, but other than that only the sisters can work on campus.

Other than that I'm doing pretty swell!
We were teaching a lesson earlier this week, and we read out of alma 7, one of the best chapters in the book of Mormon! and verse 23 hit me pretty hard! especially the part about being "full of patience and long suffering"! Being patient is key! This life is not easy, and my mission sure hasn't been a walk in the park, there have been so many times when investigators just give up, or you get moved out of an area that you've grown to love! You just have to remember that in the end everything will be okay! "thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment;" D&C 121:7! The trick is to cherish the past, enjoy the present, and look forward to what lies ahead!! "We'll all float on alright"!
Homemade weights

I love you guys a bunch!!

Elder Allen






Wednesday, July 8, 2015


New Address
420 North Dean Rd. Apt. 219
Auburn, Alabama 36830

some goodbyes....

fishing from this morning!

More fishing, I caught like 30 fish, all you had to do was throw your hook in and in less than 40 sec. a fish would bite! haha that's the best kinda of fishing! After wards we went and had lunch with the guys who took us fishing, he made some really good alligator tail! First time I've had alligator!
a sweet pic. while tracting!
Service this week...I wish
dino duck..
 I'm getting transferred!! I'm pretty bummed about the whole thing! It made for a pretty lame 4th of July finding out that I was getting transferred, even though I've only been here for one! I'm also getting along really well with elder Godinez, I'm going to miss that guy and this area a lot! But I guess God has something else in store for me, even if it is something hard! I was really struggling with that on Sunday, but we went to Church on Paris Island and that really humbled me, because the Marines go through some pretty hard stuff and some of them had some pretty sweet testimonies that really helped me out at the time! 

Anyways other than that Our 4th of July went pretty well! we had dinner with a pretty sweet family, that is who sent the picture! We had a 7:30 Curfew so we weren't able to see any fireworks or anything so kinda boring, we just hung out in the apartment all night...

cane guy
We did see the cane guy this last week, again.... Haha it was pretty hilarious! We were in Walmart "And this time I caught him on camera!" -Burnie from The Incredibles. Anyways we ran into a guy that we knew and we were talking to him when elder Godinez just nudged me and said "no way!" I look up and there he was just sitting there with his cane and his shopping cart just staring at us! Then is interrupted us by saying "excuse me sir, sorry, are you listening to their garbage, I'm a member of such and such church and I try to warn people of there false doctrine." which is funny because we weren't even talking about religious stuff we were talking about going fishing with him on P-day, which was really fun! Anyways he just said that we were going to hell and stuff, super nice guy! Then he leaves and right when we think he is gone, I see him walking back towards us with a card and I say to Godinez "Dude he's coming back" and apparently he heard me because he responded by saying "That's right I'm coming back, boy!" and he tries to give the card to the guy we are talking to, but he refuses, so the guy starts using some really choice words at us and walks away! Now remember we are in Walmart so there were families with kids looking at us! Finally he is about to leave for reals this time and he turns around and yells "Boom!" across the store! Yup super crazy haha! Anyways I love you guys!
the district...

Elder Allen

a Picture me and elder Godinez made!

Us and the other Elders as ninja foods! I'm the green jell-o because I'm from Utah, Elder Godinez is the watermelon because he's Guatemalan and it kinda sounds the same and that's what we call hime, Elder Saurey is the potato because he is from Idaho, and Elder Duran is half taco-half hamburger because he is half mexican! haha