Monday, July 20, 2015


We love us some referrals!! haha! 

We get free Auburn shirts!!! mirror selfie..................

Just a little bit of Auburn!

My week went pretty well! On Tuesday we went on exchanges and I went with Elder Rollins to teach his investigators! It was one of the best exchanges ever!! We went tracting and it seemed like almost everybody answered their doors and listened! Super legit! Later that night we took out a member named Wiltavius Wilson, he was awesome! We also went tracting with him and ran into a super nice Atheist named Matthew. We didn't bash or anything we just bore our testimonies and our beliefs and he did the same! It is always cool to see different points of view! 

 My Companion!
We met some pretty sweet new faces this week! One of them was a less active family that live kinda far away and we didn't even know they were there, a member named Nick Beasley took us there, because his home teaching companion couldn't come. So we went and met them, and they were pretty stellar! They fed us ice cream and they said that they would come to church next week! I hope so!! We also ran into this lady and here friend while we were trying to find somebody else! We told them about our church and they got pretty excited about the fact that there are classes for the kids! They had a lot... haha!!

Those are just some of the sweet things that happened this week! I'm really liking it here!! I love you guys mucho!! haha!

Elder Allen

Berret and Gerber!!! Gerber is a recent convert and Berret is the son of some members named the Spencers they are legit!!

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