Wednesday, July 8, 2015


New Address
420 North Dean Rd. Apt. 219
Auburn, Alabama 36830

some goodbyes....

fishing from this morning!

More fishing, I caught like 30 fish, all you had to do was throw your hook in and in less than 40 sec. a fish would bite! haha that's the best kinda of fishing! After wards we went and had lunch with the guys who took us fishing, he made some really good alligator tail! First time I've had alligator!
a sweet pic. while tracting!
Service this week...I wish
dino duck..
 I'm getting transferred!! I'm pretty bummed about the whole thing! It made for a pretty lame 4th of July finding out that I was getting transferred, even though I've only been here for one! I'm also getting along really well with elder Godinez, I'm going to miss that guy and this area a lot! But I guess God has something else in store for me, even if it is something hard! I was really struggling with that on Sunday, but we went to Church on Paris Island and that really humbled me, because the Marines go through some pretty hard stuff and some of them had some pretty sweet testimonies that really helped me out at the time! 

Anyways other than that Our 4th of July went pretty well! we had dinner with a pretty sweet family, that is who sent the picture! We had a 7:30 Curfew so we weren't able to see any fireworks or anything so kinda boring, we just hung out in the apartment all night...

cane guy
We did see the cane guy this last week, again.... Haha it was pretty hilarious! We were in Walmart "And this time I caught him on camera!" -Burnie from The Incredibles. Anyways we ran into a guy that we knew and we were talking to him when elder Godinez just nudged me and said "no way!" I look up and there he was just sitting there with his cane and his shopping cart just staring at us! Then is interrupted us by saying "excuse me sir, sorry, are you listening to their garbage, I'm a member of such and such church and I try to warn people of there false doctrine." which is funny because we weren't even talking about religious stuff we were talking about going fishing with him on P-day, which was really fun! Anyways he just said that we were going to hell and stuff, super nice guy! Then he leaves and right when we think he is gone, I see him walking back towards us with a card and I say to Godinez "Dude he's coming back" and apparently he heard me because he responded by saying "That's right I'm coming back, boy!" and he tries to give the card to the guy we are talking to, but he refuses, so the guy starts using some really choice words at us and walks away! Now remember we are in Walmart so there were families with kids looking at us! Finally he is about to leave for reals this time and he turns around and yells "Boom!" across the store! Yup super crazy haha! Anyways I love you guys!
the district...

Elder Allen

a Picture me and elder Godinez made!

Us and the other Elders as ninja foods! I'm the green jell-o because I'm from Utah, Elder Godinez is the watermelon because he's Guatemalan and it kinda sounds the same and that's what we call hime, Elder Saurey is the potato because he is from Idaho, and Elder Duran is half taco-half hamburger because he is half mexican! haha











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