Monday, July 27, 2015

State Park and Habanero

I went to a members house and ate a habanero and a jalapeno in exchange for some icecream....worth it!  
you can see the tears coming down my face...

All the kids...

Hey Hey Hey!!!

Elder Rollins pushing me into the lake so that it wasn't "my fault" that I went swimming! haha just kidding!!
This week went pretty well! It began really fun and the middle of the week kinda dragged on, but then Saturday and Sunday really picked up the pace!!! For our last P-day we went to this way sick state park!!! It was super beautiful and had some pretty sweet places to hike around, including a river were we had to jump from rock to rock to get down super fun!! There was a water fall and everything! The hardest thing was holding back from jumping in the lake haha! The best part of the week was this last Sunday! We had run into this lady named Flora earlier last week, she has like 5 kids ranging from new born to 7 years old, so all of them are super young! Maybe I've already told you about her, anyways we swung by her house on Saturday and she had just gotten home and we asked her if she was doing anything tomorrow, and she said no, so we invited her to church and she looked at her oldest daughter and ask her if she wanted to go, and she said "SI!!!!!!!" so they all came to church, and they really liked it! So hopefully they will keep coming! Here kids all behaved very well too!


Life in Auburn is pretty sweet! This place could become one of my favorite areas hopefully! There are a lot of sweet members here who are willing to help in anyway!!! There are also a lot of Spanish speaking members who aren't Hispanic, but can speak Spanish because they served a mission speaking Spanish, so that is pretty sweet! We have a lot of young families here for the schooling! Anyways I'm doing good overall!! 


Love you guys!!!


That state park though!! 

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