Monday, August 3, 2015


Gringisimo, as the Hispanics call me! haha!

and some more of Auburn
So not the best week, but still a good one! My companion wasn't feeling to hot this week and there were a lot of people moving and all of them needed our help!! There are also a lot of new people coming in because it is a college town and school is about to start so there are a lot of new faces at church! Also with school starting I feel like this town has doubled in traffic! haha there are so much more people here now than there was when I first got here! Everyone is getting super pumped for football season! Oh by the way, if I stay here another transfer (I hope so!) our p-day will change to Saturdays, beginning with the first Auburn home game! GO WAR EAGLES!! haha

We had to say goodbye to one of the coolest families in the ward!! #LosSpencers!!!
Anyways, because we served so many people this week I guess I should give a little thought on services! WHEN YOUR STRESSED PUT SERVIES TO THE TEST! Has a nice little ring to it!  But for reals when your stressed or angry or sad or what ever, just forget yourself and serve someone! It really helps the nerves a lot, no joke! #LeadLoveServeSave!

I love you guys and hope all is awesome!!

Elder Raleigh Allen
A little chicken we found!


my companion in his natural state! 





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