Monday, August 17, 2015

Staying in Auburn!!!

That State Park!!!

After the State park, excuse the sweat marks...haha
I'm pregnant!!!!!

 I'm doing pretty great!!! This week has been a good one!!
So some good and bad news. I'm staying in Auburn!! But Elder Rivera isn't.... but I'm going to be dad!!!!!! I'm going to be a trainer, for hopefully the next couple of transfers!!! I'm super excited because I've wanted to train, but I'm pretty nervous too because my Spanish could still use some work.... God will help me!!!! He's pretty great!
Some more good news!! You know that lady named Flora that came to church a while ago? We put her on date to be baptized for September 19!!!! Super excited for her!!! I hope all goes well and we get her dunked!! haha!! I'm pretty pumped!!!
Anyways that's about all for now I love you guys!!! #StaySweet!

Elder Allen


Elder Rollins took quite the fall this week on his bike.....

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