Monday, August 10, 2015

Last district meeting this transfer!
Elder Rivera is a super good cook, so we made some dinner for some members,
 the Lewis family!!

Thanks for the gummies, but they kinda got melted....haha

I had a Slurpee the other day, and you know how I have that weird allergy to the cold........ 

My week was actually pretty great! A family came to church who we didn't think would come to church, and who haven't come to church the whole time I've been here! They are a Korean family and we teach them with a member in the ward who knows how to speak Korean! So that was pretty great! we also found this way sweet trailer park in the middle of the of the woods full of Hispanics! With the help from some pretty drunk guys! haha! So we were tracting in a trailer park where we thought there were a lot of Hispanics, but we were wrong... anyways we knock this one house and these drunk guys answered the door and got scared because they didn't hear us knock, they just opened the door because they were about leave and so when they opened the door they got freaked out and started yelling because they didn't expect some guys in white shirts and ties to be standing there! haha! Anyways after they calmed down we asked them if they knew where any Hispanics lived and one of them started to try explaining where this trailer park was, but he gave up and said "Just follow us" so we got in our car and started following them to this trailer park. The drive was pretty sketchy because they were swerving all over the road.... but we made it safely!

Elder Rivera and Gerber, oh another fun thing, we took Gerber to a ward activity where we played kick ball and ultimate Frisbee!!! Super fun!!

Auburn is getting pretty crowded because all the students are coming back! But I'm still loving it here! I find out if one of us is leaving this Saturday, and I honestly don't have a clue what is going to happen!!!!

Our plans for to day are to go to that state park again, the Zone Leaders are coming up and so are some other elders so it's going to be a blast!!! I'm excited!!
Well I sure do love you guys!! Stay Sweet and Shoot For the Sun!

Elder Allen


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