Monday, August 24, 2015


John Schmitt's daughter was in this mission, and so he came and played a song at transfers, it was pretty cool I guess...
1. my new companion Elder Hawkins he is from Kaysville Utah
My boy, he is a little tired....

 2. Training is going good, I was pretty stressed out almost all week for several reasons, but today is p-day so all is well!!! haha! Most of my stress came from my lack of confidence in my Spanish, because now I have to teach almost all of the lessons, but the Lord helped me out a lot!!! I was pleasantly surprised how well I could communicate! I still have a lot of work to do before I'm "Fluent" but I'm getting there!!! 
3. Like I said my week was pretty tough! We worked hard, and I was just a little stressed because I'm training and everything!

4. Ya so next week I won't be able to email until Saturday and from then on out we'll be having p-day on Saturday! That week is going to be tough..... But having p-day on Saturday is going to be a pretty rad experience I feel!!

We found a lot of new people this week! I hope some of them go somewhere!! we went tracting a bunch because a bunch of appointments fell through!!

I thought this video was really well done! In it we see three different types of people.

1. Like her husband, we can run or give up right when he was given a chance to serve.

2. Like the men who took it as a burden, we can take on service and get nothing out of it because we try to get through serving others by getting in and then out as fast as we can so that we can go back to our normal lifes.

3. Like the men who enjoyed it, we can go into serving someone else with the love of God and in the end these are the men who get the most out of it! Service offers so many blessings including the healing and growth of our own souls "because that is what service does, it heals!"


Elder Raleigh Allen


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