Saturday, September 12, 2015


We tracted into the ice-cream man! Definitely not the jolliest of characters... haha!
1. How did I survive the long week without a p-day? That is a good question! haha!

This week has been an awesome one, but also a very difficult one! First off, our car we share with the English elders, got recalled for three days because one of the rear doors wouldn't close, so we were on bikes the whole time and had to bike across our whole area a bunch of times! haha! It was quite the adventure! #SoManyHills!! haha but for reals Auburn has a lot of hills! Then we got dropped by one of our investigators, that was super sad :( she refused to accept a book of Mormon and pray about it, because we were quote "muy joven" or "ya tengo un testimonio de jesucristo que es la biblia, y yo no necicito uno mas" I was pretty upset after that lesson.... The greatest part of this week was that we worked hard, and that Flora told us that she believes that the Book of Mormon is true!! Which it is you know!
2. Yes I did get your letters!

3.I'm livin' the dream!

Congrats to Matthew!!!! YOU JUST MADE ONE OF THE BEST DECISIONS OF YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could've been there! Send me pictures!

What else can I say? I love you guys and hope the best for everyone!!! #HoldToTheRod

Elder Allen


My best friend, Gerber, leaves for Atlanta today for work...... Sad day...




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