Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween 2015


During the Halloween lockdown!!
Not a college game, but the closest we could get! haha!
I'm still lovin' and livin' the dream folks!! This week has been pretty different, we did a lot of things that kinda throw you off the grove of things, which was kind of nice!! So for starters we went to the ward trunk or treat, which was pretty fun, plus a free dinner!! Some people had made some pretty delicious chili! Sadly we didn't dress up this year or anything, like last year, but still fun none the less!! Then on Thursday, we had the Halloween lock down, because apparently, they don't celebrate Halloween on the games days of the College or the High school football teams! haha! So they moved Halloween to Thursday! haha! Then on Friday we got invited to the high school football games by one of our investigators named Vaizon, so we asked the ZLs if we could go and we got permission! so that was pretty fun I guess.... It was kind of a boring game.... plus we had to leave early because of curfew and all! haha! Anyways a pretty fun week!

In the woods again! haha
We have been seeing a lot of progression with Gary!! We swung by his house yesterday with a member and man, that was one of the best lessons on faith/receiving an answer I've ever had!! I really hope that Gary get's that answer pretty soon here!! It would be nice if I could see him get baptized, but I'm not sure that will happen, because transfers are a week from this Tuesday! So don't send me anything unless you know it will get to me by the 10th of November!!!

Say hi to Jacob for me!! feed him or something!! haha!!

This has always been one of my favorites even before my mission! #GetHumble

I love you guys!!!

Elder Allen


Saturday, October 24, 2015

Sweater Weather

Sweater Weather

This week has been pretty rad! We are just finding so many legit people to teach! Let me just say how nice it is to bring members out with you! It helps out a ton! I'm still lovin' it, and still livin' the dream!

I can't say I've eaten anything out of the ordinary this week, but we did eat with some members, the wife is from Peru, and they made us some pretty good Hispanic chicken, rice, and mashed potatoes, they also had Mexican coke!
The weather down here has been amazing!! There were a couple of days this week that scared me because they reminded me how bad winter winds can be down here! Plus we were on bikes those days, so we actually wore sweaters for the first time in forever!! But other than that, it's been pleasant!

My companion and I are doing great! Like I said we are having more success in a lot of my other areas, so I'm pretty happy! here's a funny story for you, we went over to one of our investigators houses named Martin, and he had just added a new room to his trailer, so Elder Hawkins tried to tell him that he like his new room, but what he said instead was " I like your new body"....haha pretty funny!
The people we are teaching are doing great! Hopefully we'll get a baptism sometime! that would be great!! Haha

Anyways I love you guys a bunch!!

Elder Allen

I got a hair cut....sad day...

Saturday, October 17, 2015


Secret path to a trailer park!

The new Mormon message, and another great one!! I need to work on this one a lot! When hard times come our way we can blame others and stay miserable or we can work our way our of self pity and serve others!!
I'm doing pretty great today!  We are planning on going to Chewakla, the state park place, so I'm pretty happy!
Red Cross!
So what we did with the red cross wasn't anything crazy like help with the flooding in South Carolina or anything cool like that.... haha... All we did was go to Columbus and help the Red Cross with helping people learn about fire safety and to install free fire detectors to anyone who needed one. So pretty much go door to door teaching people and handing out stuff to help them live safer lives..... (not like we don't do that everyday.....haha)!
A couple of pictures from Downtown Opelika


Yes I still love this area and yes we are still having a lot of success lately because we have started trying to get more member present lessons and that has helped us a whole lot!! Sadly we have kinda lost contact with Flora and her family.... we have been trying to go over almost every night, but they never answer the door, so we will probably give her some space for a little bit.. But we are getting some other pretty sweet investigators!! This area is awesome and I'm going to be pretty sad when I leave it!
I did get your package and letter!! thanks a bunch!!
Anyways that's pretty much it for now, I love you guys!

Elder Allen


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We ran into this guy from Pakistan a while back, his name is Farrukh, He is a super sweet guy! We were in the area one day and we decided to check up on him and the next thing we know we are eating dinner with him! he made us this traditional food that tasted amazing! That was a pretty rad experience!!   


Loved Conference!!!!!

So again I am emailing on a weird day..... This Saturday our zone is doing a service project for the red cross.... so we wouldn't have time to email....😵 haha it's all good, whatever!
So not a bunch to say since I wrote you guys like 3 days ago...haha! I would like to say that I LOVED CONFERENCE!!!!!! There were a lot of great talks given and three great new members of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles!! I'm really looking forward to hearing more from them, especially Elder Renlund, I really liked his talk from last General Conference and I also liked the testimony that he bore during this conference a bunch!! 

A common theme I heard in most talks was that of keeping the commandments and trusting in God! I really enjoyed it! I loved many of the talks givin and I can't really give a favorite, but I will send a link to one of my favorites!
This one is going to be turned into a Mormon message, you watch!! Don't get devoured and dragged down by sin and addiction to the depths of disappear! "Don't be to critical of the barrier, it's the only thing keeping you from being devoured!" Sometimes we don't understand why commandments are given to us, just trust God that they are made for your safety and happiness!

Love you guys a bunch!!!

Elder Allen


A lake...

Hey guys!

So I'm writing you on Friday because we will not have time on Saturday to do anything because of General Conference.....

Anyways, it has been a pretty great week here in Auburn! The First week of a new transfer and it is already a great one! Me and elder Hawkins are working hard and having fun! This past Wednesday we took a member out with us named Jose Santos. We had a set appointment with a man named Alejandro and his family, but of course they weren't home...haha! Anyways so we waited a little bit, but they never showed so we went to over to this elderly couple named Roger and Irma, they are the sweetest old couple ever, they are just like any Grandma and Grandpa! haha! They had already been taught the Restoration by missionaries in the past, but we had the feeling like we should teach it again with Jose, so we did and it went super amazing! Jose bore his sweet testimony about Joseph Smith and his conversion, it was very powerful! We then invited them to read and pray about the Book of Mormon, and they said that they would, and then, We asked them that if they got an answer to their prayers, would you be baptized and again the answer was yes!! So hopefully they read and pray! I'm just lovin' all the success!

It's pretty simple just be nice to people! Bullying comes from insecurity in ones self, the people with really confidence are the ones who stand up for those who need a helping hand, for those in need of a friend! Just a straight up great video, plus Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf is a stud! #ICan'tWaitForConference yeah!

I love you guys much!

Elder Allen

We went to an animal shelter this last p-day, because it is where the recent convert Josh works, so we took some dogs for some walks and had a pretty good time! We also got to play with some cats!

Some sweet dogs!
And the cat!