Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween 2015


During the Halloween lockdown!!
Not a college game, but the closest we could get! haha!
I'm still lovin' and livin' the dream folks!! This week has been pretty different, we did a lot of things that kinda throw you off the grove of things, which was kind of nice!! So for starters we went to the ward trunk or treat, which was pretty fun, plus a free dinner!! Some people had made some pretty delicious chili! Sadly we didn't dress up this year or anything, like last year, but still fun none the less!! Then on Thursday, we had the Halloween lock down, because apparently, they don't celebrate Halloween on the games days of the College or the High school football teams! haha! So they moved Halloween to Thursday! haha! Then on Friday we got invited to the high school football games by one of our investigators named Vaizon, so we asked the ZLs if we could go and we got permission! so that was pretty fun I guess.... It was kind of a boring game.... plus we had to leave early because of curfew and all! haha! Anyways a pretty fun week!

In the woods again! haha
We have been seeing a lot of progression with Gary!! We swung by his house yesterday with a member and man, that was one of the best lessons on faith/receiving an answer I've ever had!! I really hope that Gary get's that answer pretty soon here!! It would be nice if I could see him get baptized, but I'm not sure that will happen, because transfers are a week from this Tuesday! So don't send me anything unless you know it will get to me by the 10th of November!!!

Say hi to Jacob for me!! feed him or something!! haha!!

This has always been one of my favorites even before my mission! #GetHumble

I love you guys!!!

Elder Allen


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