Saturday, October 17, 2015


Secret path to a trailer park!

The new Mormon message, and another great one!! I need to work on this one a lot! When hard times come our way we can blame others and stay miserable or we can work our way our of self pity and serve others!!
I'm doing pretty great today!  We are planning on going to Chewakla, the state park place, so I'm pretty happy!
Red Cross!
So what we did with the red cross wasn't anything crazy like help with the flooding in South Carolina or anything cool like that.... haha... All we did was go to Columbus and help the Red Cross with helping people learn about fire safety and to install free fire detectors to anyone who needed one. So pretty much go door to door teaching people and handing out stuff to help them live safer lives..... (not like we don't do that everyday.....haha)!
A couple of pictures from Downtown Opelika


Yes I still love this area and yes we are still having a lot of success lately because we have started trying to get more member present lessons and that has helped us a whole lot!! Sadly we have kinda lost contact with Flora and her family.... we have been trying to go over almost every night, but they never answer the door, so we will probably give her some space for a little bit.. But we are getting some other pretty sweet investigators!! This area is awesome and I'm going to be pretty sad when I leave it!
I did get your package and letter!! thanks a bunch!!
Anyways that's pretty much it for now, I love you guys!

Elder Allen


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We ran into this guy from Pakistan a while back, his name is Farrukh, He is a super sweet guy! We were in the area one day and we decided to check up on him and the next thing we know we are eating dinner with him! he made us this traditional food that tasted amazing! That was a pretty rad experience!!   


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