Saturday, October 24, 2015

Sweater Weather

Sweater Weather

This week has been pretty rad! We are just finding so many legit people to teach! Let me just say how nice it is to bring members out with you! It helps out a ton! I'm still lovin' it, and still livin' the dream!

I can't say I've eaten anything out of the ordinary this week, but we did eat with some members, the wife is from Peru, and they made us some pretty good Hispanic chicken, rice, and mashed potatoes, they also had Mexican coke!
The weather down here has been amazing!! There were a couple of days this week that scared me because they reminded me how bad winter winds can be down here! Plus we were on bikes those days, so we actually wore sweaters for the first time in forever!! But other than that, it's been pleasant!

My companion and I are doing great! Like I said we are having more success in a lot of my other areas, so I'm pretty happy! here's a funny story for you, we went over to one of our investigators houses named Martin, and he had just added a new room to his trailer, so Elder Hawkins tried to tell him that he like his new room, but what he said instead was " I like your new body"....haha pretty funny!
The people we are teaching are doing great! Hopefully we'll get a baptism sometime! that would be great!! Haha

Anyways I love you guys a bunch!!

Elder Allen

I got a hair cut....sad day...

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