Saturday, October 17, 2015

Loved Conference!!!!!

So again I am emailing on a weird day..... This Saturday our zone is doing a service project for the red cross.... so we wouldn't have time to email....😵 haha it's all good, whatever!
So not a bunch to say since I wrote you guys like 3 days ago...haha! I would like to say that I LOVED CONFERENCE!!!!!! There were a lot of great talks given and three great new members of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles!! I'm really looking forward to hearing more from them, especially Elder Renlund, I really liked his talk from last General Conference and I also liked the testimony that he bore during this conference a bunch!! 

A common theme I heard in most talks was that of keeping the commandments and trusting in God! I really enjoyed it! I loved many of the talks givin and I can't really give a favorite, but I will send a link to one of my favorites!
This one is going to be turned into a Mormon message, you watch!! Don't get devoured and dragged down by sin and addiction to the depths of disappear! "Don't be to critical of the barrier, it's the only thing keeping you from being devoured!" Sometimes we don't understand why commandments are given to us, just trust God that they are made for your safety and happiness!

Love you guys a bunch!!!

Elder Allen

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