Monday, March 28, 2016

My Easter was fantastic!!! It rained a lot, but it was still pretty great! I did get my package from you guys and the Zwahlens, so thanks to both of you!!! 

Elder Duran and I 
My new companion is Elder Duran, like "Duran Duran" like "Hungry Like the Wolf"... haha! We lived together when I was with Elder Godinez in Beaufort, he's pretty chill! He is from Coolidge, Arizona I honestly don't know where that is... somewhere near Tuscon... I think... 

Today we are going to play some soccer!

 I'M GETTING PUMPED FOR CONFERENCE!!!! I'm not trunky or anything, but this is the last one of my mission.... haha!

Going along with that video here is a thought from a man who went through Navy SEAL traning, the whole talk is called "Life Lessons From Navy SEAL Training" , it's really good!

"The ninth week of SEAL training is referred to as Hell Week. It is six days of no sleep, constant physical and mental harassment and one special day at the Mud Flats. The Mud Flats are an area between San Diego and Tijuana where the water runs off and creates the Tijuana slues—a swampy patch of terrain where the mud will engulf you.

It is on Wednesday of Hell Week that you paddle down to the mud flats and spend the next 15 hours trying to survive the freezing-cold mud, the howling wind and the incessant pressure from the instructors to quit.
As the sun began to set that Wednesday evening, my training class, having committed some "egregious infraction of the rules" was ordered into the mud. The mud consumed each man till there was nothing visible but our heads. The instructors told us we could leave the mud if only five men would quit—just five men and we could get out of the oppressive cold.
Looking around the mud flat, it was apparent that some students were about to give up. It was still over eight hours till the sun came up—eight more hours of bone-chilling cold. The chattering teeth and shivering moans of the trainees were so loud it was hard to hear anything. And then, one voice began to echo through the night—one voice raised in song.
The song was terribly out of tune, but sung with great enthusiasm. One voice became two, and two became three, and before long everyone in the class was singing.
We knew that if one man could rise above the misery then others could as well. The instructors threatened us with more time in the mud if we kept up the singing—but the singing persisted. And somehow, the mud seemed a little warmer, the wind a little tamer and the dawn not so far away.
If I have learned anything in my time traveling the world, it is the power of hope. The power of one person—Washington, Lincoln, King, Mandela and even a young girl from Pakistan named Malala—can change the world by giving people hope.
So, if you want to change the world, start singing when you're up to your neck in mud."
That is my spiritual thought this time because I'm to lazy to write anything else.... But for reals when hard times come, and we are neck deep in mud, all we can do is embrace it and SING!!! #KeepSinging

I love you all a bunch!!!

Elder Allen
Flash back to Beaufort!! These are pictures that I got from elder Duran that I never got before I left







Monday, March 21, 2016

Our Zone!!!    

The Baptism!!!!


Birthday Selfie!!!
This past week was awesome, and super stressful! Transfer calls were on Saturday and I'm staying!! But my elder Haines is leaving.... I'm pretty bummed, elder Haines is awesome! I also got sick again last week! It was the same thing I had last time too! The worst! But the baptism went fantastic! It was all in Spanish and almost every Hispanic member came to support her and help out a lot with talks and with bringing refreshments! Some non-member relatives even came, overall it was just a great experience! Definitely brought our moral up a bunch, plus it was super spiritual!


I went birthday shopping last pday! I'm trying to come up with things to say.... I honestly can't think of anything else to say....


I guess I'll bear my testimony!


At the Gomez's for lunch!!
I know that Jesus Christ is my savior and redeemer, I know that he died, but he lives today and he love us all! I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and if I didn't know that my faith would probably crumble and fall! I know that through prophets God has communicated with us in the past, the present, and the future and as we trust what the prophet says we will "prosper in the land"! I know God is our loving Heavenly Father and that he created and knows all of us perfectly! #Hallelujah 


I love all of you!!


Elder Allen


Monday, March 14, 2016

The Swamp!
 Oh also we went to a Swamp last p-day, it was very peaceful! It was the closest thing to hiking in the mountains that I've had in a long time!! We took a bunch of pictures!

A Gator!

Thrift Shop Finds!!

I am still doing fantastic!!! 

This week was a little slower lessons wise, but the lessons we did have were pretty awesome! We brought the stake president out with us to go visit an investigator who was having a hard time understanding the reason for the word of wisdom. She is a very spiritual lady and a convert to Christianity! She has received answers to almost of her questions like whether Joseph Smith was a prophet or not, and whether The Book of Mormon is true or not, the word of wisdom was her only problem, she doesn't even have an addiction to anything, it was all kinda confusing. Anyways that lesson we had was super powerful and I think that she will start progressing again! She told us that when she got around this stumbling block that she could be baptized the next day, so keep her in your prayers!!!

Also we are going to have a baptism this Friday!!! yeah!!! Livia Gonzales, I think I've talked about her before, anyways it's going to be all in Spanish! My first Spanish baptism that I'm going to be at and I'm in an English area... go figure...haha! She was probably the reason I was put here!

Some Awesome members fed me on my Birthday  HALLELUJAH!!!!!!


 I love my Savior!! 


Oh and my birthday was awesome!! We went and served in a Thrift shop with a bunch of old people, probably the best thing that has happened ever! Plus they gave us like a 85% discount on anything after we got done! haha! #CallMeTheThriftKing!!


I love you guys a bunch!! 


-Your Son in The Dirty South


Elder Raleigh Allen 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

My "Thinking Putty"

Elder Haines


Elder Cannon and I


 I don't have a bunch of time to email this week because we have a lot of things planned for today like going to a swamp and recording a song with some other elders, and we have so little time!!! haha! the stresses of P-day! haha! It should be a really fun day!

So I don't know if I've told you this, but we are teaching the 9 year old daughter of a returning member family, they were less active when she turned 8 so she never got baptized. Anyways we have been teaching her and she is going to be baptized on the 18th of March!!! YYEEEEEEEESSS! Plus she is hispanic! God has answered a lot of my prayers and concerns, I was afraid that I wouldn't teach at all in Spanish when I got here, but I still am! In fact the family that brought me soup when I was sick was this family! #LaFamiliaGonzales! I love them they feed us every time we come over!! 

I don't know if you are aware, but the new easter video will come out on the 13th it is super awesome! We get to watch it earlier because we're missionaries 😎

Anyways like I said don't have much time, but I do love you a ton! 

Elder Allen

More from the BBQ! Me and My boy Elder Murphy We've almost served half our missions in the same zone or around each other!! haha