Monday, March 14, 2016

The Swamp!
 Oh also we went to a Swamp last p-day, it was very peaceful! It was the closest thing to hiking in the mountains that I've had in a long time!! We took a bunch of pictures!

A Gator!

Thrift Shop Finds!!

I am still doing fantastic!!! 

This week was a little slower lessons wise, but the lessons we did have were pretty awesome! We brought the stake president out with us to go visit an investigator who was having a hard time understanding the reason for the word of wisdom. She is a very spiritual lady and a convert to Christianity! She has received answers to almost of her questions like whether Joseph Smith was a prophet or not, and whether The Book of Mormon is true or not, the word of wisdom was her only problem, she doesn't even have an addiction to anything, it was all kinda confusing. Anyways that lesson we had was super powerful and I think that she will start progressing again! She told us that when she got around this stumbling block that she could be baptized the next day, so keep her in your prayers!!!

Also we are going to have a baptism this Friday!!! yeah!!! Livia Gonzales, I think I've talked about her before, anyways it's going to be all in Spanish! My first Spanish baptism that I'm going to be at and I'm in an English area... go figure...haha! She was probably the reason I was put here!

Some Awesome members fed me on my Birthday  HALLELUJAH!!!!!!


 I love my Savior!! 


Oh and my birthday was awesome!! We went and served in a Thrift shop with a bunch of old people, probably the best thing that has happened ever! Plus they gave us like a 85% discount on anything after we got done! haha! #CallMeTheThriftKing!!


I love you guys a bunch!! 


-Your Son in The Dirty South


Elder Raleigh Allen 

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