Monday, February 23, 2015

Sick week!

Sorry to say this, but nothing really happened last week, we've all been super sick!!! it was the worst!!! Not only that, but I'm pretty sure that it was colder down here the past week than it was up in Utah! haha I'm glad last week is over and I get to start this week anew haha!! We finally started getting better on Saturday!
 Last week was bad, I hate not doing anything because of an illness, it makes me feel like a lazy bun! It did make me realize that getting out and doing  work makes you feel so much better than sitting around/ sleeping all day trying to get rid off an illness, I don't see how some people can sit around all day every day and feel like that was a good day. It felt super good on Saturday to actually feel good and go out and see, and teach people!!
The best day last week was Sunday because we had a really good stake conference!!! We were also able to see Joel for the first time this week! I love that guy, and I'm going to miss him when I leave...:( He says that he is losing motivation...:( So I told him that if he wants more motivation that he has got to come to church, read the scriptures and pray every morning and ever night! That is the remedy to almost anything haha! I want my investigators to be happy, and when they aren't happy, it makes me sad because I know what can make them happy, forever! But people have their agency and often don't choose the path that we show them because they don't see the big picture!
Anyways that is all sorry again for the shortness of it, LOVE YOU GUYS A BUNCH!!!!

Elder Allen


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Old abandon ship animal reservation

I did have a great week! Things are going really well, we are teaching this older lady named Gloria and her daughter, Elizabeth, I've probably already mentioned them, but they are awesome! The best thing is they live down the street from Denise,Kathleen, and Tom, our recent converts and also Joel! I don't think I told you this, but Joel literally lives right across the street from Denise haha! Anyways we taught them about part of the plan of salvation and they were pretty hooked, haha! In my opinion it's the plan of salvation is the best lesson we teach to people!


My companion has been getting me up every morning to run/workout, its tough sometimes, but hey I feel better in the mornings when I actually do something compared to when I don't, haha! Some bad news is I'm feeling pretty down in the dumps today, everyone is getting sick again, it's the worst!
River Street

the animal reservation
Pday yesterday was pretty fun! we went to riverstreet in Savannah, and then went to this Zoo type place with some other missionaries and walked around, saw some pretty rad animals I guess... It was pretty fun and I got some pretty sweet pictures! 
Transfers happen in exactly two weeks and I'm pretty sure that I'm getting moved, but I will find out the Saturday before, so I probably won't be in Savannah for my birthday. Its so crazy how fast this transfer has gone by! I could use some multivitamins for my birthday! that's all I can think of right now, like I said I'm pretty sick and I can't think super straight right now.... haha!  oh and a sweet souvenir!

Some fun facts: A lot of the movie "Forest Gump" was filmed in Savannah, and same with the new "Sponge Bob" Movie! I don't know just some fun facts....

oh PS Love you guys a bunch!


Elder Allen!



Monday, February 9, 2015

Speaking of Temples

Speaking of temples, don't ever take them for granted!!!! We have how many back home within 45 minutes ?!? The closest one here is 2 hours away in South Carolina and I can't even go to that one! I won't be able to go through the temple until I get home! It makes me sick to think that I had at least 3 temples 15 minutes away and I didn't go very often, when there are people down here who give up their whole day just to go through once! The closest thing we have to a temple is the Chapel in the church. Which is still an awesome place, but nothing compared to the feeling you get knowing you are giving someone on the other side a second chance! I guess the Chapel is just as important because it is the place where you get a second chance, or a third or a fourth..........etc. Just don't take the sacrament or the temple for granted! I had an awesome experience this sacrament as I was passing the bread and water, the spirit was so powerful that day for some reason and I just felt happy knowing what ever I did wrong this week was behind me, it was pretty rad!

Joel fed us again, he is such a stud! This time he didn't cook it though, he just bought some tamales and tacos from the back of some ghetto tamale lady's car... haha some of the best food comes from trailers parks haha!!! I wish he would come to church though! 

Hey we all got sick this week too! It was just a head cold, but it was a bad one! I'm still getting over it, but on Thursday I my stomach felt terrible and my head was pounding, haha! Didn't do anything that day.... :( but I'm doing alot better now!
I am now officially 6 months out which means last Friday I set fire to one of my ties! don't worry I got it from Goodwill so it didn't cost that much plus it was a very ugly tie and the world it better off without it haha!
Elder Wright was finally able to convince me to work out with him this morning haha! I actually feel pretty good right now, but who knows how I will feel tomorrow haha!  

Anyways love you guys a bunch!

Elder Allen

It was Elder Casper birthday  is today, so I made him a poster of his favorite things, superheros!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Best Hispanic Food

I did have a great week, not the most eventful, but it was still pretty great! As for my birthday I don't know what I need! haha maybe something cool, I don't know! oh by the way I probably won't be in Savannah for my birthday so don't send me stuff to that address! you can send it to the mission office, or just wait till I know what my new address will be! 

The super bowl is a fine time to proselyte because Hispanics don't watch the super bowl! Well some do, but for the most part they don't, but I did get to hear a lot about it! People in Georgia are crazy about their football! 

Probably the best part of this week was fast Sunday! It was a very nice day the whole day, we got to break our fast with some of the best Hispanic food, made by none other than Joel Nava!! Ya didn't know he could cook so well! We are still working with him, but like always Satan always come in when you think you are getting close... every time.... without fail... he is pretty annoying!

anyways love you guys and hope you are having an amazing day!!!

Elder Allen