Monday, February 23, 2015

Sick week!

Sorry to say this, but nothing really happened last week, we've all been super sick!!! it was the worst!!! Not only that, but I'm pretty sure that it was colder down here the past week than it was up in Utah! haha I'm glad last week is over and I get to start this week anew haha!! We finally started getting better on Saturday!
 Last week was bad, I hate not doing anything because of an illness, it makes me feel like a lazy bun! It did make me realize that getting out and doing  work makes you feel so much better than sitting around/ sleeping all day trying to get rid off an illness, I don't see how some people can sit around all day every day and feel like that was a good day. It felt super good on Saturday to actually feel good and go out and see, and teach people!!
The best day last week was Sunday because we had a really good stake conference!!! We were also able to see Joel for the first time this week! I love that guy, and I'm going to miss him when I leave...:( He says that he is losing motivation...:( So I told him that if he wants more motivation that he has got to come to church, read the scriptures and pray every morning and ever night! That is the remedy to almost anything haha! I want my investigators to be happy, and when they aren't happy, it makes me sad because I know what can make them happy, forever! But people have their agency and often don't choose the path that we show them because they don't see the big picture!
Anyways that is all sorry again for the shortness of it, LOVE YOU GUYS A BUNCH!!!!

Elder Allen


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