Monday, March 2, 2015

First Transfer

 Yes I'm getting transferred.....

I don't even know what city I'm going to yet....

Some good news about some of our investigators! Gloria's daughter, Elizabeth, came to church this last Sunday!!!! A good way to end my stay here in Savannah! She loved it, and she's going to bring her kids and Gloria next time!!!!!!! They are super nice and gave me a sweet bracelet that says Honduran on it!! it's sweet! Yesterday was probably the best part of this week!!! 

Today I'm going to say goodbye to a lot of families...:( sadness.... but I'm pretty excited to leave too!! 

Sorry not much to say this week other than it was a good one!! Oh I went on exchanges with an elder named elder Smith he just got here, he has been waiting on his visa, he will be going off to Italy on Tuesday! He's a pretty sweet kid! I'm going to miss this District a bunch!!

Anyways love you all a bunch!!

Elder Allen

just a couple mirror selfies...



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