Monday, March 16, 2015

Thanks for the Support!

First off I would like to give a shout out to everyone for supporting me! (and also to those who wished me happy birthday! haha) 

Now to answer the questions. 

1.I am doing much better this week! Things have really calmed down now that I have everything organized and unpacked! It also helps when you start to get to know the members and your companion a little better!

2.Pearson is still small....haha

3.Yes I had grits for the first time! (I still don't know why everybody is freaking out about them, they weren't even that good...haha)

4.Unless you consider southern food foreign, we haven't, but we were promised squirrel some time soon so I'm pretty excited for that!

5.I'm teaching in both Spanish and English, but sadly mostly English, that is what bugs me most about this place...

6.There is a Ward in Pearson, it's a pretty good size to, but like I said before I'm pretty sure half the people are related...haha!

7.No, I have a library card now so now we can just walk to the library down the street.

8.Today we really don't have anything planned....

9.Yes! We taught this guy with one arm! He is a friend of one of the members and he is super nice! He just has a problem being around a lot of people!

10.Yes I've met people in Pearson, I do live here....haha!

I did receive both of the packages you sent thanks! My birthday was pretty bomb! I got a birthday cake from other missionaries and we just hung out and played some sports! Last week was just a really great week and it helped me adjust a bunch! I love the elders in my district, I have a pretty sweet district! A bunch of the elders in it are elders I've already met!!! I love you guys a bunch and wish you well in your travels!!!

Elder Allen
Me, the other elder Allen, and elder Ludeman. Ludeman Isn't in my district, but he is in my zone!

Some more photos of some elders, we were all invited to a concert! It was an a cappella group from Southern Virginia University! They did a great job! ion

Birthday cake!


there are signs like these everywhere!!       

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