Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Old abandon ship animal reservation

I did have a great week! Things are going really well, we are teaching this older lady named Gloria and her daughter, Elizabeth, I've probably already mentioned them, but they are awesome! The best thing is they live down the street from Denise,Kathleen, and Tom, our recent converts and also Joel! I don't think I told you this, but Joel literally lives right across the street from Denise haha! Anyways we taught them about part of the plan of salvation and they were pretty hooked, haha! In my opinion it's the plan of salvation is the best lesson we teach to people!


My companion has been getting me up every morning to run/workout, its tough sometimes, but hey I feel better in the mornings when I actually do something compared to when I don't, haha! Some bad news is I'm feeling pretty down in the dumps today, everyone is getting sick again, it's the worst!
River Street

the animal reservation
Pday yesterday was pretty fun! we went to riverstreet in Savannah, and then went to this Zoo type place with some other missionaries and walked around, saw some pretty rad animals I guess... It was pretty fun and I got some pretty sweet pictures! 
Transfers happen in exactly two weeks and I'm pretty sure that I'm getting moved, but I will find out the Saturday before, so I probably won't be in Savannah for my birthday. Its so crazy how fast this transfer has gone by! I could use some multivitamins for my birthday! that's all I can think of right now, like I said I'm pretty sick and I can't think super straight right now.... haha!  oh and a sweet souvenir!

Some fun facts: A lot of the movie "Forest Gump" was filmed in Savannah, and same with the new "Sponge Bob" Movie! I don't know just some fun facts....

oh PS Love you guys a bunch!


Elder Allen!



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