Monday, February 2, 2015

Best Hispanic Food

I did have a great week, not the most eventful, but it was still pretty great! As for my birthday I don't know what I need! haha maybe something cool, I don't know! oh by the way I probably won't be in Savannah for my birthday so don't send me stuff to that address! you can send it to the mission office, or just wait till I know what my new address will be! 

The super bowl is a fine time to proselyte because Hispanics don't watch the super bowl! Well some do, but for the most part they don't, but I did get to hear a lot about it! People in Georgia are crazy about their football! 

Probably the best part of this week was fast Sunday! It was a very nice day the whole day, we got to break our fast with some of the best Hispanic food, made by none other than Joel Nava!! Ya didn't know he could cook so well! We are still working with him, but like always Satan always come in when you think you are getting close... every time.... without fail... he is pretty annoying!

anyways love you guys and hope you are having an amazing day!!!

Elder Allen      


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