Monday, January 26, 2015


A church we found while riding to the church!

Sorry not much to say this week, except that it was a good one! My new companion Elder Write is a really cool guy! We were able to get the keys on Thursday, but we had to bike all the way down to the church the long way, (it is the long way because there are highways that we can't ride bikes on) which I enjoyed just riding my bike, but Elder Wright doesn't have a bike so he had to use this super old one that isn't the best working condition, so not the best ride for him! jaja  
We are still working with Joel! he has become one of my favorite investigators, but he has been having problems with depression lately and I want to help him out so much, but the spanish is stopping me sometimes, #LanguageBariers.  Speaking about Language I've seen myself improve lately, because I'm talking more in lessons, before it was mostly just Elder Webb because he was super talkative and also very good at the language, but now I'm talking more! ya!

Anyways that is about it for this week love you guys a bunch!

Love Elder Allen


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