Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sunshine in my Soul

There is sunshine in my soul today, got the idea from one of Tanners pictures!

Sorry it has taken me so long to write, Monday was a holiday and yesterday was transfers! I'm staying in Pooler! Sadly we lost two of the boys, Elder Webb went to Auburn, and Elder Ludeman, and I'm really not sure were he is.... but Elder Raspy Caspy stayed one more, we will have lived six months together! crazy! I'm going to miss those guys! shout out to Elder Webb for being such a rad companion for four and half months! and another to Elder Ludeman for being able to fix anything and for also being pretty sweet! My new companion is Elder Wright, he is pretty rad and ripped out of his mind... so I finally worked out this morning... jaja!
Fun story! So the drive to Macon is like a 2 hour drive and the Mission President wants us to find rides from members. Anyways it took us forever to find a member to drive us, we finally found one in another ward, but we had to meet him at the church. So we drive down to the church and meet him there, he was a pretty nice old dude, but he also drove like the stereotypical old dude.... super slow! so it took a little over than 2 hours and 30 mins. to to get there! So the meeting happens and we start heading home right, well half way home I realize that I don't have the car keys, and I thought that I had left them in Macon so we all start frantically looking for key, can't find them anywhere! so we have to get the guy driving to drop us off at the house instead of the church, and I had to call the to man that is in charge of all of the cars to tell him that I lost the keys to the car.... He told me that he has extra, but that we will have to wait till Friday, because the mission president would be in the area on Friday, and that I would have to text the mission president to tell him.... but right before I text him I get this call from Auburn, it's Elder Webb, and has the keys!! jaja so me and Elder Wright are biking Elders until tomorrow jaja! 
anyways love you guys!
Elder Allen
the last selfie with these gents!
saying some goodbyes!!

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