Monday, January 12, 2015

Fort, Lighthouse and Friends

The good ole CCM kids!! and most of the Spanish Elders!
Yes transfers are next week, and I'm almost sure that a lot of people are leaving... sad...

Yes all of us are doing very good, everyone has recovered from the flu, except for me because I never got it haha, #BestImmuneSystem.
This last week went really great! We went to this really old confederate fort, it was pretty rad! I bought some confederate money, also rad!
I be rollin' in dat Confederate dough....

The fort!
Then on Wednesday I went on an exchange with Elder Rivera, to be honest not the best exchange... But the next day we went to ZTM (Zone Training Meeting) I had to give a training on how to fill out baptismal records correctally, super aburriendo! jaja and then I went on another exchange with Elder Hatfield, he is pretty rad! So I had two exchanges in a row in two different places, meaning I wasn't home until Friday, but I didn't stay there for very long because we had to drive up to Macon to spend the night with some other Elders, because we had a meeting in Macon on Saturday and it takes two and half hours to drive there so President wanted us to stay somewhere closer Friday night. Guess who spoke at our meeting? Elder Neil L. Anderson of the twelve!! ya that was pretty sweet! We got to see him again on Monday because he spoke at our stake confreres! super lucky! so a pretty sweet week! oh and we also drove down the beach last Monday and climbed this huge light house! rad!!!
The Lighthouse!
That is about it, love you guys a ton!
Elder Allen        

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