Saturday, October 17, 2015


A lake...

Hey guys!

So I'm writing you on Friday because we will not have time on Saturday to do anything because of General Conference.....

Anyways, it has been a pretty great week here in Auburn! The First week of a new transfer and it is already a great one! Me and elder Hawkins are working hard and having fun! This past Wednesday we took a member out with us named Jose Santos. We had a set appointment with a man named Alejandro and his family, but of course they weren't home...haha! Anyways so we waited a little bit, but they never showed so we went to over to this elderly couple named Roger and Irma, they are the sweetest old couple ever, they are just like any Grandma and Grandpa! haha! They had already been taught the Restoration by missionaries in the past, but we had the feeling like we should teach it again with Jose, so we did and it went super amazing! Jose bore his sweet testimony about Joseph Smith and his conversion, it was very powerful! We then invited them to read and pray about the Book of Mormon, and they said that they would, and then, We asked them that if they got an answer to their prayers, would you be baptized and again the answer was yes!! So hopefully they read and pray! I'm just lovin' all the success!

It's pretty simple just be nice to people! Bullying comes from insecurity in ones self, the people with really confidence are the ones who stand up for those who need a helping hand, for those in need of a friend! Just a straight up great video, plus Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf is a stud! #ICan'tWaitForConference yeah!

I love you guys much!

Elder Allen

We went to an animal shelter this last p-day, because it is where the recent convert Josh works, so we took some dogs for some walks and had a pretty good time! We also got to play with some cats!

Some sweet dogs!
And the cat!



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