Saturday, November 7, 2015

We finally went to Chewakla

So I have no Idea if I'm leaving yet and I won't find out until tonight!!!! It's pretty lame, but that's the problem with p-days on Saturdays.... so if I don't email you on Saturday, I've been moved... :( I honestly don't want to leave!!!!!!!😵

playing pool!

Look who I found while I was flipping through the ensign.... haha!
Gary is doing amazing! If you can't tell by his name he isn't Hispanic... but he lives on a street with a bunch of Hispanics! haha! that's how we found him! haha! Anyways, we went over to his house yesterday with a member named Bro. Carmona and had a great lesson, we talked more about receiving personal revelation and about baptism, and invited him to pray about, and set, a baptismal date! He said that he would! I'm really loving the growth I've seen in him and how much happier he has gotten!! You should have seen him the first time we taught him! He is sooooo much happier with the gospel in his life! It's amazing!
Found a snake in the grass!!
Me and Elder Hawkins are doing very well! I am learning a lot from him! haha! I'm coming to find out that you can learn something from anybody!

Well I love you guys a bunch!
Elder Allen


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