Saturday, November 21, 2015

I'm doing great! I'm lovin' life and still livin' the dream!! haha!! Not much has changed! Being district leader isn't hard at all, really it just helps you grow a bit more! I'm loving it! And yes I'm still with Elder Hawkins. It's been a good ole time!

So for Thanksgiving we already have 3 dinners set up, but possibly 4, because some of the members of our ward are putting on a thanksgiving feast for people who don't really have family around, and if we can get Gary to go to that then we'll have to go as well! Oh boy......😦 I might have to fast the day before! 


We had a crazy rain storm on Wednesday, it was fun! 
Jose Santos (a member) went out with us on Thursday, we drove by a taco truck and I told him that I'd never been to it so he paid for us to have some tacos!! They were amazing!!! #TacoTrucks #WhoNeedWaffleLoveWhenYouHaveTriny'sFood

Our Investigators are doing great!! Gary got bronchitis this week which was a bummer, but we gave him a blessing yesterday, so hopefully he'll get better so he can come to church! I've probably already talk about a kid name Jonathan, anyways, we went to see him with a member named Wil, and we had a great lesson, Jonathan has really progressed, and I feel like he would come to church if he wasn't working every day!!! Anyways, we read with him in Alma 32 about the seed of faith, and he got a lot out of it! And at the end of the lesson HE VOLUNTEERED TO SAY THE CLOSING PRAY AND IT WAS GREAT!! At the end of his prayer he just stopped and said "wow do you guys feel that!" It was great! We are trying to get him to ask for time off on Sundays, because I know he would like church, he would feel something even stronger there!

Anyways I love you guys a bunch! We plan on going fishing today at a members house!! It should be fun!!

Elder Raleigh Allen

My picture for the Christmas card... haha!😁



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