Monday, November 16, 2015



Some Spanish Elders!
I'm pretty stoked to stay here for four more weeks! It's only four because this transfer is one week shorter than normal because if it wasn't transfers would fall three days before Christmas. So next transfer will be 7 weeks long instead of 6. I can't believe it is almost December!! kinda...I'm pretty excited for Christmas already, that's pretty bad considering it's not even Thanksgiving yet.....

 This week has gone pretty well, nothing to out of the blue just normal missionary work, I've been made the district leader, but other than that nothing out of the blue, just a bunch of good lessons and fun times trying to find new people and new places to tract, it is hard sometimes to find new areas with Hispanics in them considering this place is like 2% Hispanic... (just a guess) But I'm still loving it here! It will be sad to leave!!

Oh I do have some good news! So an elder just got to this zone coming from Pooler, so at zone training meeting I asked him about all of my old investigators! So Gloria, Elizabeth, and her family are still super active in the church and Elizabeth even teaches English class! He said that Gloria is a super stellar fellowshipper as well! Jasmine, I don't know if I ever talked about her, but anyways she still wants to join the church, but her husband still won't let her... It's just good to hear that she still has that flame burning!! And Joel I still struggling with stuff, but still wants to join as well! It was super great to hear that!!


"we never need feel that we are alone or unloved in the Lords service, because we never are"

Anyways I love you guys a bunch!!


Elder Allen


We biked in the cold rain last Sunday, all you can do is smile and make the best of those kinds of situations! haha!

Oh and if you notice my hand is super swollen because my allergies to the cold.... my whole body was covered in hives...haha!!






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