Monday, July 20, 2015


Goodbye elder Godinez!
got to say hi to elder Casper during transfers! 
Que Pasa! Hey it's your boy Elder Allen! To answer some of your questions I'll start off by saying that Alabama is pretty sweet! I went from the one side of the mission to the other haha!

You have to be an Auburn fan here! You could get murdered if you aren't! haha! So yes I'm an Auburn fan! GO WAR EAGLES!!! They are the Tigers too, but there is a long story about how they got the name war eagle, you should look it up some time, I would tell you, but I'm not entirely sure why! haha
 My new companions name is elder Rivera. Yup another native speaker! He was originally called as an English speaker, but like I think I said before, we don't have very man Spanish Elders, but we will be getting 5 more this next transfer so I might train!!! So that's pretty exciting!!!

We don't get to work on campus unless there was someone who spoke Spanish on campus, but other than that only the sisters can work on campus.

Other than that I'm doing pretty swell!
We were teaching a lesson earlier this week, and we read out of alma 7, one of the best chapters in the book of Mormon! and verse 23 hit me pretty hard! especially the part about being "full of patience and long suffering"! Being patient is key! This life is not easy, and my mission sure hasn't been a walk in the park, there have been so many times when investigators just give up, or you get moved out of an area that you've grown to love! You just have to remember that in the end everything will be okay! "thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment;" D&C 121:7! The trick is to cherish the past, enjoy the present, and look forward to what lies ahead!! "We'll all float on alright"!
Homemade weights

I love you guys a bunch!!

Elder Allen






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