Monday, June 29, 2015


some buds..
1. My week was pretty plain nothing to out of the blue... sadly, but it was a good one non the less!

From today!
In the Lighthouse
2.We went to the beach today!!! Well kinda, we stood on the out side of the beach because we can't really step on the sand, but we did go up this really sweet lighthouse next the beach! I is a lot like the one in Savannah, That was pretty stellar!

3. For the 4th of July we will be listening in on the transfer calls to see if anyone is going to be moved! That's super exciting and scary at the same time! It is super nuts that I've already been here for 6 weeks, time is moving so much faster now, compared to when I was in Pearson! CRAZY! Oh some sad news, all of my companions are going home next week...... my only companion that won't be home by next week will be my current one.... saddness.... Give a shout out to those companions who will be leaving next week! Elder Wright and Elder Webb!

4. My Spanish is coming it could still use a lot of work though!!!! I'm getting there!

5. My investigators are doing pretty good! I don't know if I've told you this but we had a member refer us to some Hispanics that just moved in next to him and they are awesome! They are super couriouse about the church and what we believe! Pray for them!

6. Nothing to out of the ordinary...
My companion say that he love you too Eliza! haha
Anyways I love you guys and as a wise poet once said

"No one eats me up.  Snakes eat me up.  And no one says snakes are real.  People are real. Snakes are real."

just keep that in your minds and in you hearts!

Love you!

Elder Allen






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