Monday, April 18, 2016

My tree frog!
Another pretty great week over here in Evan Georgia!! Me and elder Duran have been working on trying to get new investigators, so we've been tracting a bunch.... It's the life! One cool experience we had was as we were tracting we saw this super old lady trying to dig up some shrubs in her garden so we decided to go over and ask if we could help and she said yes!! People usually just tell us to get lost... Jk people are pretty nice, but don't really want help from guys in white shirts. Anyways we helped her dig up her plants and then pretty much helped her with the rest of her garden, it was super fun, we got our church cloths all messy, but it was totally worth it! She wasn't interested in our message, but she did REALLY appreciate what we did for her because there was no way she could have done it by herself! haha she probably saw us in the neighborhood so she came out and acted like she was going to do some gardening because she knew we would offer to help! haha!

Me and Elder Murphy
Other than that we've been finding a lot of new people that have a lot of potential!! We are super excited for the future!
Some older picture I finally got from elder Garcia! haha!

I don't know if you guys have checked out if you have great! But if you haven't definitely get on! It's an awesome way to find service opportunities in the area! I'm not sure how many are in Riverton, or even in the Salt Lake area, but it's pumpin' over here in Augusta!! Check it out!! Do some service!! It's fun!


I love you guys!


not much pictures this week sorry!












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