Monday, April 4, 2016

Conference Weekend April 2016

We did a lot of service this week!

and more service 

Oh and I got Jinny back!!!!

The District!!

So conference was awesome! I'm just loving Elder Renlund more and more every time he gives a talk! #ILikedHimBeforeHeWasAnApostle

An old picture...
The closer to God we are, the happier we will be, the more blessings we will recognize, and a greater willingness to serve others! I also really liked the part where he said that Jesus did this just for you! And that no matter how far we stray from the path Jesus is always near by! He has become one of my new favorites!

This past week was pretty slow, but it picked up a bunch during the weekend! Plus Sunday night we got an awesome message from our bishop! It said that there is this 10 year old girl who want to be baptized so we are going to start teaching her! Pretty stoked! Teaching another child! haha!

Just because I don't have a bunch of time and I can't think of to much to say, I'll share another one of my favorite talks!!!!!!

we're just missing Elder Godinez!

God has the ability to create new life from burnt ashes! #LikeThePheonix

I love you guys!!

Elder Allen



Me and the crazy boy Alan!!

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