Monday, February 22, 2016

The Flu

A sweet Hispanic family found out that I was sick... That's what I call southern hospitality!!
The smallest foot is mine....

My life for the past week.... #CoughSyrup 

almost all of the spanish elders, I'm kinda looking like a goob in this picture though...haha!

Service down in Augusta!

Elder Cannon and I
So for starters, this email is going to be pretty short.... I caught something called the flu.... I'm recovering right now and feeling pretty great, but you should have seen me last Thursday and Friday, I had quite the time! haha!

In other sad news, Jesudunni dropped us..... :( he told us that he had talked to some people about our church and that it wasn't for him... he was about to give us back the book of mormon, but he held onto it and we told him that if he really wanted to find out the truth he needs to ask God and not trust man, not even us, it is way more important to listen to God!! He said that we could swing back in a month, so there are still some hope!!!

I'm not sure what else to say! I've learned something very important this week though! When you are holding a grudge or resentment towards someone, humble yourself and get over it!!! It will free you from a weight you didn't even realize was there!! It is usually really easy to forgive people, but this week I realized that I needed to forgive someone that I hadn't in almost over a year. It had been eating me away and I got this impression that I need to forgive that person if I wanted to progress spiritually after I read a message in the latest ensign! I literally felt a relief/ weight of my back and the spirit was overwhelming!!

I love you guys much!!

Elder Allen

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