Monday, April 6, 2015


My exchange with Elder Memmot!
Helped a member build a shed/man cave!
My Easter was one of the best I've had!! Don't ask me why, because I don't know....maybe because it wasn't with you guys....cough cough.....haha jk lol!

We watch conference at the church mostly, but one of the sessions we watched it with the Odum family! They are pretty rad!!!

Yes I got you package and your letter today!!! Thanks a bunch!!!

My bishop lives in a grain silo, pretty rad!!! His house looks pretty awesome on the inside too!!!

The teaching is going great, we've kinda hit a bump with some of our investigators... but others are progressing!!!

 General Conference was amazing!! I felt like some of the best talks weren't even giving by the apostles! Of course I love all of the talks, but some of my favorites were given by the general authorities! My personal favorite was by Dale G. Renlund (I think that is how you spell his name) who quoted Nelson Mandela "I am not a saint, unless you consider a saint a sinner who keeps trying." I hope that puts me under the "saint" category......haha!

I also really like all of Deter F. Uchtdorfs talks and of course Jeffery R. Holland's!!! His talks are like the episodes in avatar, they just get better and better.....haha!!!

Anyways I really love you guys and hope you are all doing awesome!!
Elder Allen

you know you live in the country when....

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