Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27, 2015

Elder Loper and Elder Allen
Elder Murphy's Birthday
Elder Allen and Elder Allen
This week has been pretty great! Last p-day we celebrated Elder Murphy's birthday! He is my new zone leader so that's pretty sweet! Then on Tuesday, I went on exchanges with an elder named Loper, he's pretty rad!
We had dinner with one of my favorite members here, named Preston Hardee! We had pizza and watched Elder Hollands talk last conference with one of his friends who isn't a member, named Mark Davis, maybe I've told you about him, anyways that was super fun! Another fun thing that happened this week was on Saturday there was a huge storm that came out of nowhere while we were eating outside with a bunch of Hispanics! That was probably the highlight of the week, because for the next hour all of us were crammed on this table with roof over it! Super fun!

Yesterday we said goodbye to Wallace :( We did get to meet his daughter and his grandson, who are awesome, and very nice! Fun little fact, His grandson is the Pokemon card state champ for his age group! That's pretty sweet! Just an awesome family!! Sad to say goodbye!

 Anyways I love you guys and hope you are having a great day!!!

"The" Elder Raleigh John Allen


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