Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13

My week has been pretty good! I got some pretty awesome news on Wednesday!!! Gloria and her family decided to be baptized!!! They got baptized this last Sunday!! I was super excited to hear that and I wish I could have been there!! Elder Wright promised to send me some pictures!! Gloria, her daughter Elizabeth and Elizabeth's son, Angel were all baptized!!! I didn't find out that they baptized the son as well until Sunday!! I'm still freaking out about it!! Triple generation!!! I'm so happy for them, and I'm super glad I was able to play a part in getting them to where they are now!!!
The work down here is pretty slow since the whole city has pretty much been tracted, we do a lot of service and less active work! 

We are teaching this really awesome guy named Sandy, I might have already told you about him, but he is a really intelligent guy! He believes Joseph Smith was a prophet and that The Book of Mormon is true, but he is trying to get the answer if he should get baptized or not. One of his biggest things he likes about our church is our name, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The reason he likes it is because it shows that we don't just study and think about the Jesus who created this earth or the Jesus who atoned for our sins, but we believe and preach about the same Jesus who is alive today and is still teaching us through a prophet today! He was tell us how cool that was that a lot of people when they think of "Jesus of old", but we teach is "Jesus today"! It's awesome to think about!! That we have a living and loving brother in heaven that still leads and guides his church today!!!

Anyways love you guys a bunch!! sorry not very many pictures the computer I'm on is the worst!! 

Elder Allen


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